Greetings from Seattle

Tuesday, April 23, 2013

Earth Week

Finally!  Gardening weather!  Clear skies, sunshine, and even a little warmth.

The cool mornings have been good for getting my latest sewing project done.  There is a bridal shower for my niece next Sunday.  This Sunday I finally decided I would attend - it's a hour and a half drive away-and I would also make my gift.

Using mornings and evenings, I got these tea/dish towels done in two days.  This is machine embroidery. But even so, each one represents about three hours of work.  And notice the Earth Week theme?

That left me the sunny afternoons to get out into my own good earth.
Edging the lawn requires crawling on hands and knees, but the results are so satisfying.

 See that red spot in the back ground?  That's Tom finishing the weeding.  I think we've got them for now.  But you know weeds.  there'll be more to come.
Tom was finally able to plant sweet peas today, and some plants came out of the green house and into the sunlight for the day.  Soon we'll be planting everything out, and and getting more seeds and seedlings into the raised beds.
 But Spring can take her time now.  It's beautiful as it is; there's no need to rush.


  1. Your garden is beautiful in the Spring. I am glad you made those towels for the shower. I wouldn't mind receiving some myself. Lol.

  2. All so beautiful--real and embroidered.
    I have been out working in the yard in spite of the fact that it is still cold and so windy. This year, my daffodils have not even bloomed yet.

  3. I love your embroidery, Linda. And I spent part of yesterday outside preparing my plot for some more good gardening attempts this year. Do you know I have learned to really dislike buttercups? I smiled at that self portrait of your knees: just like mine yesterdy. :-)

  4. your tea towels and yard are both beautiful-you can see the tender loving care given both...

  5. Those towels are just awesome. Great job.
    Your garden is stunning. I know how much work my pitiful attempts are. You should feel quite proud. How much pleasure it would be to enjoy such beauty each day.

  6. What an awesome yard! What a tremendous amount of work! People who do all this usually get a tremendous amount of satisfaction out of it and wouldn't have it any other way.

  7. Your sewing abilities continue to amaze me, Linda. Those are fabulous. If we ever get ourselves back to Seattle I'd love to come by and just stroll through your garden. Wow!

  8. Your gardens are beautiful, Linda. You and Tom work so hard to make them so and the effort is surely worth it. Edging is perfect. Yes those darn weeks just keep coming back as if they are welcome guests. Will someone tell them to stay away. MB

  9. Your towels are ever so pretty what a wonderful gift! Those purple tulips are stunning:)

  10. The towels are gorgeous! Your gardens are spectacular. I've been working too, but mine are a bit more rustic. :)


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