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Sunday, February 14, 2016

A Sweet Family Gathering

On Saturday three generations of my family gathered at my sister Laurie's home in Winlock, WA to meet the newest members of the family, my niece Jessica's twins Margrit ( Maggie) and Adeline (Della). Jessica and her husband Bill and the babies traveled from Virginia and gave us a great reason for a family get together. 

(Disclaimer - some of these photos are mine and some I borrowed from Ilene and Katie. When they go on Facebook, I can steal them, especially when they are better than mine.)
 The Mamas and the Papa - My siblings and the "old people" now. 
 Of course there was lots of baby hugging. 

 New mother Jessica, and her sister, the new Auntie Jordan. 
 Baby huggers of the middle generation.
 Jill, who was clearly a baby hog.

These are the cousins of the middle generation. 
Grandpa Hank with his daughters and granddaughter. 
The youngest generation, the twins' cousins, no longer the center of attention, spent most of the time glued to a TV. 
Although Isaac did not escape attention completely. 
 Of course there was eating and talking and sharing.   
Bill, who is the father of the twins, had family come from California for the visit. 

 Left to right, Arnold, the host, Bill, the father of the twins, his sister, Andy, son of Arnold and Laurie, and Grandpa Hank. 

 Ilene with DIL Cathy, son Scott and son Tim. 
Ben, providing good service for his mother, and the hostess, Laurie. 
 There were showers before the twins were born, and gifts sent after their birth, so this time we did a book shower. 
It was great to meet the new family members and just have time together. 


  1. Adorable little ones and handsome big ones! :-)

  2. Twins what fun it will be to see them grow! :)

  3. What a treat to have new babies to welcome into your wonderful family - a perfect reason for a get together!

  4. What a lovely family get together. How many were there? I'm sure the twins didn't want for attention!

  5. I just love seeing your pictures from a family get-together! You are always such a happy looking family. The twins are adorable.

  6. That was definitely a pass the baby get together and how nice there were two of the adorable ones to pass around.

  7. No better reason to celebrate than twins. We have Family Day here so your celebration would have fit right in.

  8. What exciting times with the young people.

  9. This was a heart warming post. What a great occasion. Congratulations to parents and grandparents of these darling twins. What fun.

  10. What a great family get-together you had. The twins are very cute.

  11. I love seeing all those adorable young ones and cheerful older family members. What a fabulous get-together!


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