Greetings from Seattle

Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Sunday Morning Garden Touring

Peter, at fellow blogger at Outlaw Gardener, is always visiting Puget Sound area nurseries and posting them, with gorgeous photography, on his blog.  I met Peter last summer at our Open Garden.  When we got to talking we found out we were both bloggers and we have been following each other ever since.

Sunday morning I planned a little escape from the ordinary, as I need to do now and then.  We decided to head to two nurseries new to us that Peter had featured. They are all located around Puyallup, where Tom grew up. Tom is always a willing participant on my adventures.  I am very lucky that way.

First up is Alpine Nursery and Landscaping.

 We bought this plant because it has golden foliage in shade. ↓ And I have already forgotten what it is.  Oh dear.

                                                                Tree peonies

 We were especially interested in ideas for colorful shrubs for Jill's yard.

Next up was Vassey Nursery, down in the Puyallup River Valley. Right across the street is a field of rhubarb.

 The Japanese maples are almost as colorful in spring as they are in the fall.

 I always enjoy seeing how others put seasonal pots together.

              There is a great little gift shop. ↓

I am drawn to the colorful pots, especially blue.

Since we were not far away, and it was such a beautiful day, we decided to continue the fun into the afternoon with a stop at Watson's Greenhouse and Nursery, where we knew we could get lunch in the cafe.

 Watson's has a great little cafe. A salad for me....
 and a sandwich for Tom.
We continued to browse inside and outside, and as in the other two places, we bought a few things.

 We caught glimpses of Mt Rainier as we went from place to place.
 Then as we headed home across the valley, we were treated to this view!
We know it's a good day in Puget Sound Country when, as we say here, "The Mountain is out".  Was it ever!