Monday, May 31, 2021

Country Roads on the Island

Whenever we have a few days on the island, I like to find the roads less traveled. Some have destinations, some are just going along for the ride.

One morning we wanted a special treat so we drove to the Café In The Woods at the Mukilteo Coffee Roasters.  

We were hoping for a full breakfast, but alas, their kitchen was closed, so we settled for Blueberry Danish, and of course, coffee. 

We will want to come back when it's a little warmer and we can eat outside. 

Another day after shopping in Freeland for garden supplies, we drove backroads to see what we could see.

So much beautiful green in late spring. 

We found Cultis Bay. The tide was out. 

We found Maxwelton Beach. 

Even though the wind was strong, Tom raised Jill's Orca flag. We would be leaving and Jill and Irene would be arriving for the weekend. 

Beach walking is not something I can do well now, even though the tide was very low while we were there and Useless Bay was not always full of water, as it was in these photos. 

Driving country roads was a good substitute. 

Saturday, May 29, 2021

Prowling in Pretty Places

Being the plant lovers that we are, there are several places that we like to just be in and enjoy.

One of those places is the Bayview Garden and Nursery, and the added bonus right now in late spring in the Laburnum Walk. 

Yes, Laburnum is Golden Chain Tree, here trained over two sets of arches. Beautiful!

When the Laburnum is done, there are also roses. 

Of course we had to prowl around enough to find some other pretty things. 

Tom suggested I should buy this Aloe and add it to the patio pot collection. I said it was too big, and kinda' scary looking. I have a few pokey Aloe already, but they are small and "tamer". 
The other place we like to go and just stroll is Langley, the Village By the Sea. We weren't planning to buy anything so we just looked at what was new and what was blooming. A few things were new and there was lots of blooming. 

Hand blown glass at the glass blowers shop in the old fire hall. 

Bees buzzing on Allium.

Overlooking the marina. 
A sculpture garden shared by art gallery owners.
We thought we were going to have to just look through the fence, but then a nice lady from the gallery came and opened up the gates. 

I took time to sit on a bench and enjoy before moving on. The street plantings along 2nd street were a riot of color. 

Melianthus major, Honey Bush. I don't think I've see this bloom before. 

Up next: Our next exploring was farther afield.