Wednesday, August 10, 2022

Gone to Sea

View from cabin porch

 We have run away to the sea for a few days. I am posting this on my iPhone, which is very tricky to do.

This morning before we left Seattle we met with my orthopedic surgeon to try again to begin to sort out all of my multifactoral issues. Next up will be an injection in my hip to numb it for a 24 hour period to see if that has any improvement in my spine or my walking. We are trying to decide if hip replacement is next on the list, or if something else is. The good thing is that my orthopedic surgeon, my neurosurgeon, and my sports medicine guy will all be working together. 

Meanwhile we have joined Jill and Irene at the Rockaway Beach cabin. The clouds have departed and the sun is shining brightly on this summer evening. I’ve been on a short walk on the beach and plan to do another in a little bit. Life is good. In fact life is a Beach! 

Monday, August 8, 2022

Heating Up Again

 It's 82 at noon, heading for 89. I'm inside, having finished the dusting and sorting and halfway through the laundry. I think that will be my exercise today.

Yesterday, Sunday, we got up and got going for a walk in the park while it was still cool enough. I haven't done that for quite a while, and I was pleased with myself to complete 1.06 miles.

I hope to get back out there tomorrow morning.

Then after a shower I put on my Hydroplane shirt, a once a year thing, and sat at the computer to read blogs and respond. At 10:30 I connected with live streaming of the events of SeaFair. I watched the first heat of the hydroplane races and some of the air show. 

Just because I can't be there anymore doesn't mean I lost interest. Besides, Jake, Jill, and Irene were there on the shore of Lake Washington and some texting went back and forth. 

It was hot there too but they had shade and floaties for enjoying the lake water. That's Jake below. 

At 1:00 local TV picked up the action. I watched hydroplane racing, air acrobatics, parachuting, and the Blue Angels.

There was lots of noise and excitement for the many people who flocked to the lake after two years of no SeaFair.  I had fun too, just watching on TV. It's summer in Seattle.

Now those people who hated all the noise are happy. The planes are gone - I heard the Blue Angels fly over this morning - and the boats are being readied for the next race in San Diego. Those who have to are going back to work, probably a little sun burnt and perhaps a bit hung over. Seattle's big party is over. 

Friday, August 5, 2022

On Top of things

 We just finished up a great summer supper. Dinner was recreation for us this evening, a joint affair between the two of us.

Shrimp with bacon, cilantro, and lime juice; corn with cilantro and olive oil;  zucchini with fresh basil and olive oil, all cooked on the grill, and fresh fruit. It was a team effort, which we have mastered by now, and it was delicious.

With cooler weather this week we got a lot done in the yard. Roses have been deadheaded, poppies and Lady's Mantle and columbine have been dead headed or cut back. Other spent perennials have been cut back. All the spring/early summer flowers are gone and the heat browned out a lot, including the lawn, but we try to keep it all tidy.

Tom got the old canes in the raspberries cut out and the new canes tied up.

Heading into the dog days of August, there will be less to do, but Tom will be kept busy watering.  We try to stay on top of it all. 

Jill and Irene were on top of things again this week. On Tuesday they did a scramble with the Mountaineers, Irene as participant and Jill as leader. This is Red Mountain, near Snoqualmie Pass. The hike is 6.5 miles round trip, 2840 ft gain, with  1000ft steep rock scramble. 

Jill reports that Irene "rocked it!"

This is SeaFair weekend in Seattle. I was talking to my sister Laurie on the phone outside this afternoon and I had to have her stop and wait for a minute so I could hear because the Blue Angels were doing a practice show over Lake Washington and on some of their turns they were roaring overhead. Noisy, and a sound of summer in Seattle. 

Taken today in Seattle, from the Internet. 
Those Navy pilots are on top of things for sure.

Just to show that we do have some flowers left in August: 
Lilies: Casablanca and Stargazer 
Hardy fuchsias 
Butterfly bush (Buddleia)


I hope you are all finding time to enjoy the lazy, hazy, daze of summer. I intend to. 

Wednesday, August 3, 2022


 Facebook does a good job of supplying us with memories of this day in years gone by. Sometimes they are fun, sometimes startling, sometimes sweet,

Today's memories were many, so full of summer, nostalgic and even melancholy. 

Today would have been my sister Ilene's 80th birthday. We miss her.

Every August she and Mike hosted the Norquist family picnic in their small town of Vernonia, Oregon. So far we haven't found a good way to replace her and her family spirit. But Oh, the memories.
Another family memory that popped up: nine years ago we were in Pennsylvania for my niece Jessica's wedding to Bill. For some of us it took the place of the family reunion that year. 

It's SeaFair time in Seattle. The hydroplanes have arrived to race on Lake Washington. The Navy is in town. We saw sailors at the Sounders match last night in their crisp whites. 

After cool mornings, Seattle is showing its colors, all blue and green.

Up in that blue sky the Navy Blue Angels are roaring. We heard them fly by while we were working in the yard this morning. Some lucky locals are getting the ride of their lives.

The Blue Angels will be performing over the lake this weekend. For the first time in forever, we won't be going to watch them practice on Friday. It's no longer something I can comfortably do. But, Oh, the memories. 

Four years ago.

After SeaFair we always went to sea ourselves. For many years that was our week at the family cabin at Rockaway Beach. So many memories, with our kids when they were little, to our grand kids when they were little, and some years with no kids, just us.

Seven years ago

Jill and Irene and maybe Isaac are going to the lake again this year, as they have for many, to see the hydroplane races and the air show. Then, as always, Jill and Irene will head to Rockaway. We haven't been there for several years due to the pandemic, but we will join them on Wednesday, after my appointments. 

It will be good to refresh some memories, and perhaps make some new ones. 

Monday, August 1, 2022

Keeping Old Stuff

 We have a wooden planter on the front porch that we have had for many years, at least 20, maybe more. The other day Tom noticed that the bottom was falling out and the the plants were about to fall through. He rescued them.

Yesterday, when it was still hot, he set up in the garage and rebuilt it, using old lumber he had stored forever under the work bench.

I thought it was a good excuse to throw out the old plants and start fresh, but he put the old ones back in and told me I can't touch them. Well, OK, I guess. I'll have to stay clear with my snippy scissors though. 

It has been hot, six days in the mid-90's. I don't wear shorts anymore. I have "solid" legs, and I have gained weight since I last bought short pants. I found a few pairs to wear, and then I found these old culottes. They must be 30 or more years old! But they still look ok and they are comfortable.  

The shirt's old too, but not that old. You can tell from my white legs that I have not been wearing shorts or sitting in the sun this year. Maybe I need to now that it is cooler.

We keep old stuff. Well, some old stuff, when we think we might still have a use for it. 

Yesterday was our sixth day of temps over 90, a record for us. I had lunch on the patio before it crept up to 95.

In the morning I took a walk around the yard. Our spindly sunflowers are beginning to bloom .

Between things not growing well this spring/summer and now the heat, flowers for picking are scarce, but I did manage to find enough for a bouquet the other day. 

Now today it's cooler. At 3:00 it has just reached 80 instead of 93. The windows are open and the air conditioner set at 75 probably won't come on downstairs. 
We are relieved.


Saturday, July 30, 2022

Cool Pics

 There are several meanings of the word "cool" of course. In this case both fit. 

My daughter Jill and her daughter Irene climbed Mount Adams this week. Mount Adams is a volcanic peak in the Cascade Mountains in Washington State.

Approaching the trailhead on Mount Adams Road. Tuesday morning. 
Setting off. It was 1:00 and hot!
Trail markers. Destination is Base Camp up on that rocky area.
Base Camp at 9200 feet. Sunset and Mt St Helens in the distance. 
Mountain goats, a mama and baby. Irene said ,"Just like us!"
The Milky Way.
Breakfast. Mount Adams' shadow on the clouds and haze. 
Irene headed up to the false summit. 
A steep climb.
Up on the false summit, 11,500 feet. Still 700 feet to go.
Summit selfie!
Successful summit! Mt Rainier in the background.
Irene's first volcano summit. She is 17. I think there will be many more, just like her mother. 

Looking back down. What goes up has to come down.
Back at Base Camp. Rest, look up at what you achieved, and then pack up and head down. 

Back at the trail head, they packed up and drove to Takhlakh Lake to camp and enjoy the view of their conquered mountain in the alpenglow.

They slept very well in their camp Wednesday night, and then packed up and were back home by Thursday afternoon. We are getting together this afternoon (Saturday) to hear all the stories. 

These are the photos Jill sent me. They are as close as I will ever get to climbing a mountain but I am so happy to share the experience with you. Needless to say, I am proud of my mountaineering girls.