Greetings from Seattle

Monday, July 15, 2019

Let the Pageant Begin

This will be a busy week, leading up to the big 50/75 Celebration on Saturday. That's 50 years of marriage - a delayed 50th Anniversary, actually in March, and a 75th birthday for me, actually on Wednesday, but with a celebration delayed until Saturday. 

There is still shopping and ordering to do, lists to check and recheck, gardens to make perfect - well, as much as one could even hope to prefect nature. :-)  We'll do housekeeping on the day that rain is predicted. We have been watching the weather forecast for Saturday, and it is improving daily as the ten day forecast now shortens to fewer days. 

In our family, when someone spreads a birthday celebration out over several days to a week, we call it a pageant. So on Sunday we began mine, treating ourselves to a day without responsibility. With a 1:00 Sounders match scheduled at our stadium, we went in early on the train to have breakfast at The Market.

Tom is an adventurous eater and enjoyed his smoked salmon scramble. My safe blueberry pancakes were very good. I could only eat half of them though. 

It is tourist season and the cruise ships are usually in town, so the market was packed with people. We dodged and darted enough to take in a couple of the flower stalls for my favorite kind of eye candy. I'll share a bit with you. 

A big reason that Tom wanted to come here was to get a good view of the demolition progress of the viaduct. There are still some sections left, and some support structures. but much of it is completely gone and cleared away. 

We walked down the hill climb to the waterfront, where rubble collection was still in progress. The viaduct is coming down because it is not earthquake safe. Fortunately this was a man made mess, and not a catastrophe. 
Water and the wheel. 

Flowers, sky, sea,
and the city. 
We made our way back up to 1st Avenue and south to join the March to the Match in Pioneer Square, and on to the stadium, where we had time to chill out in the shade and sip a Coke before the match began. 
It was a great match, intense, hard fought, and entertaining. And to top it off, the Sounders had another victory. 
It was about 3:30 when we left the stadium, and stopped off at the Starbucks near the light rail station to sit in the shade and sip coffee drinks. 

Back home, Charlie the borrowed cat checked in, we had a light lunch/supper, and spent a little time down on the deck, reviewing the week ahead, before settling in for the evening. 

It was a very good day. 

Saturday, July 13, 2019

Breathe Easy, Just Because

We don’t spend enough time on our deck. So today, on this warm quiet Saturday afternoon, with our work done for the day, I suggested we go there to see what we might need to do there later, and to just hang out for a while.
 This little Buddha was given to me by Jake for Christmas right after Trump was elected. He thought I  might need it. The stones were gifts too, and together they send a message: have patience, truth matters, breath easily, just because. I rub Buddha's little head, and practice calmness.  I'll need to make more frequent visits in the coming week.
 Charlie found us, just because, but he's not a lap cat. He was soon sprawled out on the deck in the shade. 
 We switched positions because the light was better for photos. I had my phone in my pocket, just because.
 The sky roof  above was serene. 
 But Tom couldn't stay still. He found things to do. He got snippy with his bonsai. 
 I sat still and watched him work, having no problem just sitting and breathing easily, just because.

Thursday, July 11, 2019

A Little Diversion

I have a lot on my mind. We are in the count down stage of our big celebration to be held here at Reeder Gardens in a week and a half. I have been making lists, contacting the caterer and party rental company, shopping for and buying supplies, making more lists, managing e-mail invites, tracking down non-respondents,  and we have been keeping up with the yard grooming as well as completing the big annual holly hedge pruning job. Tom gets the brunt of that job. 

Yesterday I spent the day baking, making brownies and Russian Tea cakes, while it rained outside all day. We are planning for about 70 guests, so I made a lot.  I'll order the cakes next week. 

By late afternoon the rain was letting up, so we decided to go over to the Des Moines Marina to check out the Summer Wednesday Farmer's Market at the Marina.
There wasn't much to the market, but we enjoyed walking around, talking to a few vendors, enjoying the fresh air and the scenery. 

 We walked out on the pier and watched the rain clouds approaching. 
 Tom had been texting back and forth with Jill about a project at her house. We told her we were going out to dinner next, at a nearby Chinese restaurant.  She and Isaac decided to join us. Irene was away with friends. So we enjoyed an impromptu family dinner together, catching up with their travels and adventures.  Oh, I guess I should mention that Isaac spent most of a week in Costa Rica and Jill climbed Mt Shasta in California last Sunday. Here she is at 14,100 feet on on the summit. 
 When we left the restaurant, the latest squall had let up, and a faint rainbow lingered just long enough to give me a spirit lift. 
Rainbows are fleeting things. 

Wednesday, July 10, 2019

Gig Harbor Garden Tour 5: The Shoap/Stelmach Garden

The garden of Dan Shoap and Jeff Stelmach was really Garden 6 on the tour, but we decided to go out of order here. 
 While the first two gardens on the tour featured wonderful water views, the rest have been carved out of the forest. This garden is fairly new, the front planted in 2016, and the back in 2017.
 While the front garden is subdued and "traditional", and not deer fenced, the back garden, protected from deer grazing, is full of color.

 I loved the use of blue/purple and hot orange. 

 Gradually the color becomes calmer as yellow replaces orange. 

 A created stream gurgles near the house. 

 Vendors offer wares for sale in the driveway. 

We enjoyed strolling in this garden very much.