Greetings from Seattle

Wednesday, September 18, 2019

Fun Flowers

Tom's Brugmansia finally bloomed last week.
Commonly known as Angel's Trumpets, they are highly fragrant, especially in the evening. 

Tom has had this plant for a number of years. It started out in a six inch nursery pot. A couple of years ago it moved into  very big pot, which is a chore to move, as it has to go into the garage or greenhouse over the winter.
Tom cuts it way back in the winter, to about one to two feet tall. It grew and grew this year, with nary a bloom until September. It was worth waiting for, but with all of the rain we've had lately, we have hardly been outside to enjoy it.

While the brugmansia is lovely, some flowers are just fun.
Like these guys.
The face pot holds a succulent of some kind that is covered with tiny flowers that sat as buds for a month or more, and now the flowers are lasting forever.
And then there is the "Lifesaver plant".
I bought this at Bayview Nursery on Whidbey Island because it made me laugh.
 The bloom really does look like a Lifesaver, cherry flavored!
It will have to go into the greenhouse, or a window sill, over winter too, but it will be fun to see if I can get it to grow and bloom again. 

Monday, September 16, 2019

Part 2 - Working at Whidbey

Wednesday we were sore and tired, but ready to finish up the gardening job and then have a bit of fun. 

While I did my daily exercises - that's how I am able to keep moving - Tom finished spreading out the old compost pile. We would be changing our ways and eliminating dumping and burning debris in our yard, except in the designated fire pit. We'll let this settle over the winter and then cover it with soil.
 We finished chopping up the tree suckers and roots and got everything into bags. We had nine in all. 
 Now we could appreciate the parts of the garden that still looked good. 

 And know that by spring we would be editing out many of the seedlings that would pop up to fill the empty spaces. 

 We loaded the bags into the van 
and took them to the Langley Waste Water Treatment plant, where they collect yard waste, which they grind up and add to the muck from the treatment plant to make compost. Recycle, reuse, restore. 
Then we visited the Bayview Nursery, taking advantage of the sales to buy a few new plants for the cabin garden and our home garden. We drove to Freeland, to the hardware store and nursery there, and picked up a few more plants. We stopped at the beach on Holmes Harbor. 
And we picked an island road we had not driven before and explored a bit. Back at the cabin we settled in to read and nap. At dinner tine we drove to Langley to try out a new little seafood restaurant for dinner, and then did a little walk about.
The famous, or infamous, Langley bunnies were out and about.

 Back at the cabin we sat on the beach to watch the moon rise over the bay before settling in at the cabin, satisfied with our Busman's Holiday. 

 Thursday would be a day to clean up, pack up, and be on our way by 11:00. We had an afternoon soccer match to get to. Irene is playing high school JV soccer, and we couldn't miss her first match!

But just accidentally, I woke early and discovered this! An amazing sunrise was happening over the lagoon.

 And when I turned to look around, there was a sunrise rainbow!

 The rainbow began to double. 

What a glorious start to a new day!

Oh, and Irene and the JV Lady Rams of Mt. Rainier High School won their first match!

Friday, September 13, 2019

A Busman's Holiday, Part 1

A busman's holiday - doing the same thing on vacation that you would do at work. 

Well, as retired folk, our "work" is the gardening we do at home. This week we went to the Whidbey Island cabin to do the same. The garden there had been neglected all summer, since we had plenty to do at home what with our several celebrations here, and then the family all had their vacation weeks booked through the summer. They don't garden. 

Monday afternoon we took the ferry ride to the island.
 Before going to the cabin we went to Langley, to the city hall, to get a yard waste dumping permit.  Then, since the Useless Bay Coffee Company is right across the street, and this was a busman's holiday, we enjoyed an afternoon coffee and a treat al fresco.  
 We stopped at the hardware store and bought a new wheelbarrow.
 We took it easy the rest of the afternoon, enjoying the calm stillness, and the mirror surface of Deer Lagoon.
 After a light supper, we took a short walk on the beach road, stopping to appreciate this wonderful rugosa rose. 

 We looked down at the job we would tackle in the morning. 
 Besides all of the perennials that had gone to seed, and the dead plants that had suffered from no watering, the garden was filled with these nasty suckers from a neighbor's tree.  It was not going to be fun digging them out, with their roots running everywhere.  
 Tuesday morning the good weather we were promised materialized. We worked all day at grubbing out the garden and filling bags. 

 At 4:00 we stopped, got cleaned up, and watched a US Men's National Team soccer match on TV while we prepared and ate a simple supper.

After the match, about 7:00, we went out to appreciate the lovely evening.
 Deer Lagoon is our back yard.
 Across the street is the bay. We sat on a log and watched the sun go down and the clouds light up. 

 As the sun went down, the moon rose. 

 And the clouds went pink. 

It was time to go back to the cabin and settle in for the evening, tired, but happy with what we had accomplished.

Part 2 up next.