Greetings from Seattle

Monday, February 17, 2020

Bits and Pieces

I needed a project for those rainy days so I dug into my fabric scraps box to see what I could find. There are usually enough bits and pieces to make a couple of place mats and a table topper.

 Making pieced place mats is like making mini quilts, but in this case, without a pattern. I just make it up as I go along, seeing what will fit here or there. The mini stripe binding and accent is from a piece I had, probably left over from making a dress for Irene, and the colored blocks are what's left from a batik pack of fat quarters that I've had for a long time. I think I made a purse for Irene out of some of it. 
 Of course I had to go buy fabric for the backing, so now I have a few more bits and pieces left over. 

I worked on this project off and on, an hour or two at a time for over several weeks. I am not looking for speed, but for something creative to do when outside is not an option and house cleaning is no fun. I finished the set of table mats Sunday afternoon.

This morning, Monday, I had time to do my physical therapy and a bit of dusting before going off again to the dentist office for another procedure, this time a crown.  Another hour plus in the dental chair, and another almost $1000 out of pocket. I used up this year's dental insurance in January. And there is more to come :-(

While I was taking care of myself, Tom did all of the light housework for Monday and all of the laundry. He's a good guy. :-)

Our garage door opener quit working, so today we had a garage door service man come and fix it. It was a fairly simple fix and just the minimum service charge, only $100. More money. :-(

Today was dry and mostly sunny, although not warm. We both got outside this afternoon and put in a couple of hours of yard work. It felt good to be able to work outside again. 

In another bit of news, this came in the mail today.
Since we definitely want a change in the presidency, we will need to do some studying and thinking in able to decide who to give our primary votes to. We have some favorites in mind, but who knows how all of this will turn out. March 10 is still a ways off and lots will be going on before then. 

Friday, February 14, 2020

Valentine's Day

Kitchen table

The Novocaine is slowly wearing off. I think my jaw will hurt a little, but I've already taken Ibuprofen to dull what ever pain comes. I had a noon appointment at the dentist office today to have a root canal, just one more in another series of dental procedures I'll be enduring this winter. It's not a great way to celebrate Valentine's Day, but I'll recover.

We did have fun with our Friday morning breakfast friends today. I bought Tom a box of See's chocolates for Valentine's Day and we agreed to share some of them. Chocolate for breakfast is a good thing. 

When I got home from the dentist, Tom presented me with a card and some yummy looking chocolate dessert that we will enjoy this evening when I can easily eat again. We plan to go out for dinner at some point. 
The mailman brought us a gift too. Our 2020 Sounders Season package arrived today.
 It was in a classy metal box with the Sounders logo, and TWO stars now, denoting two MLS Championships.
 A hard cover book of the championship season. 
 Our 2020 season scarves.

 I'm not sure how I feel about the black and white scarves, I prefer some variation of our team's sky blue and Rave green. 
 But they look pretty classy if you're wearing black.
And, right on schedule, the second stalk on the Amaryllis is blooming today. 
I hope you're having a sweet day, and a good weekend to come.

Thursday, February 13, 2020

The Road Taken - More From Our Winter Garden Walk

I left you on the last post with our choice - Which way?
There are many choices here, as this sign indicates. For this choice, we took the high road. That took us to the Visitor Center, the Rock Garden, the Ground Cover Garden, and the Yao Garden, 

 Nature plants the lichen and moss. 

 Another Edgeworthia, and a place to stop and smell 

 The water feature in the Ground Cover Garden.

 More fragrance from the Daphne Odora. 

 Into the Rock Garden.
Moss spore cases on stone.

 A white needled fir, I think.
 An early rhododendron.

 The Visitor Center terrace, one of several places I sat to enjoy a sunbeam. 

Once a wine cellar on the original owners estate, now it looks more like an elf house. 

The Yao Garden is wonderful even when nothing is blooming. 

 And then we took the low road to complete the almost two mile loop.
We discovered a new art installation. That would be the stone arch, not me, but it did seem like a perfect frame. 
 As we returned to the Visitor Center on still another path, we found this lovely Camellia. It seemed to be saying "Happy Valentine's Day!"