Greetings from Seattle

Tuesday, July 7, 2020

In the Good Old Summer Time

The sun is shining once is a while. Showers are gentle. Flowers are blooming.
I went for an afternoon walk on Sunday and got a little too warm, so I spent the next hour chillin' out here. I'll be doing a lot of hanging out here after my surgery. It's not a bad life.

Sunday evening we invited son Jake over for pie - yes there was still pie left from the day before - and we had a good visit. Now I have checked in with all of my children so I can go invisible for a while. 

The raspberries are ripe and our newly restored patch is producing big juicy berries. 
I'm eating them on my cereal for breakfast, in yogurt for lunch, and I even cheated and had a bit of ice cream smothered with raspberries yesterday evening. Yum!

Tom and I met in  person with my surgeon yesterday, and I had a phone appointment with the anesthesiologist. The only thing left to do is the COVID test, which is scheduled for Sunday. My check lists are getting checked.

I have a drive up appointment tomorrow morning to get my hearing aids serviced and repaired. Then we are going to disappear to the Whidbey cabin for a few days. 

Our grandson Isaac just arrived to help Tom with pruning the holly hedge. I didn't know that was happening. I guess I'd better be sure I have something to feed him for lunch.  

Time to go. See you soon. 

Sunday, July 5, 2020

Swoosh, Boom, Pop, Flash, Sizzle. .

Since there were no big fireworks shows around this year, everyone bought their own. It was a bang up 4th of July.

I am so happy that Jill made us all go to Jan's house as usual on this Independence Day. We were mostly outside, no one had any signs of illness, and we can only hope no one was exposed and a carrier. We all did a lot of hand washing and didn't breath on anyone. We were careful, but we also relaxed for the day.

Jan decorated her deck with flags. The weather warmed up to the low 70's. It was perfect. 

Tom got to have fresh oysters from the bay cooked on the grill. Then he grilled the pre-cooked ribs we had done in the oven at home that morning and we dined on ribs, my macaroni salad, Jan's baked beans, Jill's special corn/avacado, black bean relish scoped up on corn chips, and her fresh fruits and vegie trays. It was all delish!

After dinner the kids played in boats - well, kayaks.

 Jan and I sat down by the dock and talked. 
 A big fat cloud fish ate the sun.

 Finally the sun popped out from under that cloud, just in time for sunset. 

 Then we ate pie.
 Jill said she needed to take a photo of her plate. 
 I did too. They looked just the same. The answer to what kind of pie should I have was, "All of them!". Jill's cherry pie, Jan's rhubarb pie, and my triple berry pie.

 By now there were fireworks going off all around the bay. It was time for Jill's show. 
 I went down to the danger zone long enough to do my giant sparkler. 
 The neighbors had some fancy stuff.
 Most of ours were smaller, but fun. 

 Isaac did the lighting.
 The Young ones sat close to the action. The old ones were cozy on the deck above. 
 Our show and the continuous show all around the bay were noisy and sparkly and fun.
Swoosh, boom, pop, flash, sizzle. 

Friday, July 3, 2020

Red, White, and Blue

I have given some thought to how I feel about celebrating Independence Day this year. The 4th of July is tomorrow. We are warned not to celebrate with abandon. Fireworks shows, parades, and picnics are cancelled. Somehow, in light of the state of our nation right now, that feels right.

I have always felt blessed, perhaps privileged is a better word, to be an American. I don't say I am proud to be an American, because I didn't really do much to earn that pride or privilege. And right now I do not feel proud of the place our nation is holding in the world or in the way it is treating many of its own people. 

I can celebrate our nation's birthday. I will wear red, white and blue on the Fourth. Our state is still in a limited phase of opening due to COVID and the limit for gathering is five people not in your household, with masks, or outside, with distancing. That's what we'll do.

Tomorrow we will be at Jan's house, our usual gathering place for the Fourth and we will eat and play and watch Jill's fireworks show. I imagine there will be lots of home grown shows going off around Henderson Bay. The grands, Isaac and Irene, will be there along with their cousin Allie, our summer grand from Nebraska. They have been out and about, carefully, so I will cautiously keep my distance. 

In honor of America's birthday, I present the Red, White, and Blue of my flower garden.

I hope you all stay safe, have some fun, and make the Fourth of July special in some way. We need a little celebrating. 

Wednesday, July 1, 2020

Another North End Garden

Lincoln and Margaret Ferris moved to this brick rambler in another older neighborhood in 2016 and in a short amount of time have transformed it from emptiness to a garden full of beauty. 
Along the street.
Along the driveway.
 This buddleia is such a wonderful color. 

 This is a great place to plant begonias, impatiens, and fuchsias in the shade of the north facing front of the house. 
 It's around the back where you see the big changes from a scruffy, too shaded lawn to this.

 A colorful mix of shrubs line the brick walk way. I suspect it will eventually be crowded and over planted, but it is beautiful now. 

 A second seating, entertaining area. 

 They squeezed in a small vegetable garden, too, on the otherwise unused east side of the house. 

These will be my last Open Garden visits for quite a while now. There are no gardens open on the 4th of July weekend and after that I will be in strict quarantine and then surgical recovery. Maybe I'll be able to go garden touring in late August. 

Like everything else this COVID year, we'll wait and see.