Thursday, October 31, 2013

Trick or Treat!

We all had busy days, but we took time to have some Halloween fun, just as all fun loving kids should do.

Jill and the kids went trick or treating in one of the wealth neighborhoods, first, where Irene was pretty impressed with the "mansions".

Then they showed up at our door, hoping not to be recognized.  Isaac would have fooled me, but there is no missing the glamorous Miss Irene.

I joined them as we made the rounds of more modest homes in our neighborhood, where there were lots of cute kids in costumes prowling the street.

We only had one group of kids here so the candy stash is not very depleted. Now I'm going to go sit down and eat candy!

Hope you had a fun filled Halloween.  Next up, All Saints Day, and NOVEMBER!

Wednesday, October 30, 2013

The Big Project

I'm too tired and short on time to do this twice, so I cut and pasted my Facebook update onto my blog, for my wider circle of friends. Here's what we are up to this week.
It'll be another day of preparing for Jill and family's big move this Saturday. We've done cleaning and fixing and installing and plumbing, with some expensive help, and some electrical, again with some professional help. Tom's been on the roof, and under the house. I've been in every corner and nook and cranny inside.
Today we take down the shed at the rental and move the pieces over to the new house, then do a few more jobs on the list before crawling home to rest up before going to the Sounders match tonight.
Big question I pondered during my awake hours during the night - where is the mail box?

Sunday, October 27, 2013

The Busy Fun Continues

As you know from my last post, we carved pumpkins Friday evening. But before Jill joined us, she took possession of the keys to her "new" house!

Saturday afternoon, we loaded up both of our vans and began moving things into the house.  Tom's sister Jan joined us to help move stuff and to check out the hot tub.  She and Irene got it cleaned up and filled with water, but the next step is to find out where the power source is because something isn't turned on yet.  The house was purchased through Fannie Mae so we don't have any information from the previous owner.  We are still making discoveries.

We also made lists of things that need to be done and that need to be purchased.  After we all went out to dinner last night Tom and I went shopping for the first round of stuff.  

This morning, Sunday, Tom and I went over to the house with a small load and I did some cleaning while Tom got things ready for the plumber, who will come Monday to work on the drainage problem in the basement laundry room.  Tom will line up an electrician to do some needed work and hopefully solve the hot tub power issue.

Later we got together with Jill and loaded up and moved two more van loads of stuff to the house.  The official move is next Saturday, when we'll get a truck and some heavy lifter help.  Much needs to be done before then.  Tom and I will be busy all week.

Then this afternoon/evening we went to the final regular season Sounders soccer match, along with 66,000 other fans.  The game ended in a tie, which means that Seattle will have to play in the knock out round of the playoffs this coming Wednesday.  Then Thursday is Halloween, and Saturday is moving day, and maybe another soccer match.  Whew!

So just to slow things down a bit, let me share with you some photos I took Saturday morning, when we joined out little garden club group on a tour of Kubota Garden.  I posted pics of this lovely place last year, too, but I just have to share it again.

Autumn here in the Pacific Northwest has been lovely again this year, even with the fog.  Enjoy the color show.

Friday, October 25, 2013

Pumpkin Carving

The adults were all tired and the kids were full of spunk, but we all managed to enjoy some dinner together and some pumpkin killing (think Charlie Brown - " Aw, you didn't tell me you were going to kill it!" ).

Halloween fun has begun!