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Wednesday, November 12, 2014

Kotor, Montenegro

The name Montenegro means black mountains, and that was the setting for this charming old medieval city built on the foundation of ancient Roman town.

Again, this city presented a maze of "streets", alleys leading here and there and opening onto hidden squares and plazas. 

There were old churches to explore.

 Feeding the feral cats.
 Outside the wall.

The climb up the hill along the fortified wall looked intriguing, but the hard, steady rain discouraged such adventures. 

The Cathedral of St. Tryphon dates from 1166, and it's treasury contains remnants of old frescoes showing how brightly decorated these walls used to be. 

Meow!  Feed me!

 This kitty was smart to find a place to curl up under a cafe awning.  That's what we were about to do too, once we explored the other side of the city wall.

 We found shelter under an awning about noon and had a coffee and chocolate croissant and hooked up to free WiFi.  But  then we gave up, as the stone alleys were changing into rivers of rain water and the wind was blowing umbrellas inside out. We returned to the ship, where we had a late lunch, and were content to have a lazy afternoon while our shoes and pants and jackets and umbrellas dried out.

We did brave the elements to go on deck for the sail away from Kotor and out of Boca Bay.

 Sunset was viewed from the shelter of our cabin.


  1. Hello Linda, your photos are gorgeous! Thank you so much for sharing this lovely tour, and it is so nice to see someone is feeding the feral cats.

  2. What a beautiful place with the cathedral, stone buildings, cobblestone streets and those feral cats.

  3. Truly enjoying your trip through your great pictures! :-)

  4. what a lovely location, will have to catch up with your trip-been too busy here.

  5. I am so jealous of the fabulous time you had on this Mediterranean cruise. I'm really enjoying your pictures. All that old stonework! So much history.

  6. It's a completely different world and culture but very interesting to visit.

  7. Those poor feral cats. You would think that they could be controlled...but perhaps there are mice and other vermin for them to control. Too bad it had to rain:(

  8. What lovely and interesting old architecture. I love cities like this. I wish the sun had been more cooperative for you, but you still managed to make the best of it.

  9. Montenegro seems quite beautiful.

  10. Love the pictures! It whets my appetite to visit Greece for sure. The spider web on the header is pretty amazing also!

  11. Linda, great pictures and thank you so much for the travelogue! Those old buildings are so intriguing!

  12. The cats seem to be in decent shape for ferals. Good to know they are being fed. It is really great to see all your wonderful pictures so that we get to experience that interesting city vicariously. And we didn't even have to get wet. Armchair traveling has its advantages.


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