Monday, November 10, 2014

Venice, Part 2

We loved Venice.  We never tired of the surprises around each corner, but we did tire ourselves out walking all over.

Saturday evening found us back on the Riva, where we had landed the day before. A cruise ship was leaving.
We dined out doors again.
After dinner we strolled and window shopped. Murano glass↓
 I bought one of these mili flori pendants. 

 Carnevale masks
 Marzipan and other goodies.
Sunday morning we did some exploring in the other direction from our hotel and found the Church of San Zaccaria, final resting place of the father of John the Baptist, and one of the oldest still functioning churches in Venice. 

 Campo San Zaccaria. ↓  Apparently church plazas are called Campos.
We had decided to cross the lagoon and attend a Gregorian Mass at the church of San Giorgio Maggiore.  We returned to the Riva to board a vaporetto for the five minute ride.

The water was creeping up on to the Riva.  Flooding happens frequently, as the land slowly sinks and the water rises.

 We explored the beautiful church before the service.  We took a seat in the back.  Unfortunately there were only five monks doing the chanting, and since we had no idea what was going on, we did not stay for the whole service.  But it was a pleasant way to slow down.
 A view back toward Venice
 Back into the alleys and canals, we walked in new areas, looking for a quiet place where we could sit and have lunch.  As we wandered we continued to find so much beauty. 
Yes, that tower really does lean.

 We found a place on a canal, near a bridge, with less traffic. Perfect!

 We were getting tired, and decided to use the tickets that come with the Doges Palace and go to the Correr Museum, located in the palace buildings that surround St. Mark's Square.
This is a museum of Venetian history and art, and we saw lots of both.

And then we were done.  We paid for the expensive privilege of sitting at a table in St. Marks Square and enjoying a fancy ice cream dessert.

Then we went back to the hotel, picked up our already packed bags, and boarded a vapporeto that took us to our cruise ship.

 That evening we stood on the top deck as we sailed away from Venice.


  1. Linda, so glad you enjoyed Venice. It's really hard to describe how unique and beautiful it is. Thanks for sharing your adventure. We loved it there.

  2. It truly captures one's heart does it not?

  3. It looks like a wonderful place to visit... Michelle

  4. I've just looked at part 1 and part 2. Oh my goodness! How beautiful! I love the canals, the colors, the boats. It is all so beautiful.

  5. You must feel as if you're in a totally different world with buildings built in water and canals for streets.

  6. I love those beautiful old buildings and the Churches are so fine. Your pictures are exquisite. Thank you.

  7. Your eye for beauty is impeccable. I love every single one of these pictures. That one of Tom and the toes made me laugh, though. :-)

  8. What an amazing city. I just Googled how it was built and it is fascinating. Scary to thing that beautiful city is quite vulnerable to climate change.
    Those churches are stunning. What a romantic looking city. Thank you for the really great pictures.

  9. I love the food and dining outdoors.

  10. I was in Venice 50 years ago last June on a folk dance tour from my college. didn't ride on the gondolas but did buy some Venetian glass which I had for many years...

  11. I'm just really loving your photos and explanations, Linda. Do you know we never had a chance to eat off the boat when we were on the tour? None of our excursions covered a meal.


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