Tuesday, April 8, 2008

Getting Ready

We will soon be leaving on another big adventure across the pond. We leave about 1:00 Thursday, April 10th for Amsterdam. There we will board a Viking River Cruise boat for a nine night round trip cruise through waterways in Holland and Belgium. It's called the "Windmills and Tulips Tour", and we'd better see some tulips, since we will miss the Princess Irene tulips we planted last fall in our own garden. After this cruise, we will spend two nights on our own in Amsterdam. Then we will take the train to Paris, where we have five nights in a hotel there and touring on our own. We finish up with another Viking River Cruise on the Seine, which we will join by taking a train to the Normandy coast, then cruising back to Paris. We fly home May 4th. We have been scrambling to get things ready to leave here, dodging showers and bundling up against the cold. Our neighbor lady will water the green house plants and her lawn guy will mow. We think we have the home front covered. Travel documents have been photo copied and tour books studied. Our itinerary is complete. We are just about ready for "Bon Voyage".


  1. Bon Voyage, Linda and Tom. Hope you have a great time on the rivers and an even better time in Paris!

  2. *sniff* I'm so proud, my parents are growing up so fast...

    ditch the word verification, btw, its annoying!


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