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Sunday, October 5, 2014

Tom's Birthday

We had been working hard in the yard all week, so it felt good to slow down on Saturday and celebrate Tom's 73rd birthday.

He had plenty of time for a slow start and for reading the newspaper and email and Facebook and on line soccer sites before we arrived at Isaac's soccer match at 11:30.
 We hung out with Jill and Irene until they had to leave to go to Irene's soccer match.  We watched Isaac and the Wolverines play until it was time for us to drive to Bonney lake.

We had been invited to attend a garden blogger's plant exchange.  Alison of Bonnie Lassie  and Peter of Outlaw Gardener became blogger buddies of mine when they visited our open garden in July of 2013. They were hosting a meet up of some local garden bloggers and some coming from Portland. They were all bringing plants for a plant exchange as well as a social time. 

While I am not officially a "Garden Blogger", I am a gardener who blogs, sometimes about my garden, so they adopted me, and Tom too.

We met at Alison's home and spent a lot of time admiring her garden and plants and having lunch.  It turned into a lovely sunny afternoon. I'll show photos of her garden in more detail in another post. 

 Alison is the lovely lady in the light blue top and that's her husband Nigel in the black shirt.  They were wonderful hosts. 
 It was about 4:00 when we arrived back home.  Tom took a nap and I got busy in the kitchen.

Tom had said the one thing he wanted for his birthday was to see and spend time with his grand kids.  After all it had been at least two weeks since he had seen them!

We planned dinner for our son Jake, daughter Jill and the grands, Isaac and Irene.

People we were all assembled by about 5:30 from all the various activities in which we had been involved. We grilled some teriyaki chicken sticks and brats to go with the oven roasted potato wedges, the last of the green beans from the garden and a big fresh fruit compote. 

There was lots of lively conversation and eating. 

By request dessert was berry pie, triple berry (raspberry, blueberry, blackberry) to be exact.  Irene took charge of the presentation. 

 While he looks like he might be saying "Oh no, not another birthday!", he was really winding up to blow out the candles.  
 Happy birthday, Grandpa. 
 We had talked about playing games, but Tom had an issue with his new iPhone, a replacement for the one that quit working.  He had not been able to get Facebook to work on the new phone and he asked Jill to help him.  It turned into a long project.  So while Jake and Isaac watched college football and Irene found music videos on Tom's Samsung tablet and danced, I rested and checked in with everyone and followed Irene's orders in creating a song for Grandpa and we performed it and I tried to keep up with everyone, and finally, success!
 So Tom got the gifts he wanted, time with his kids and a phone that works!  And Jill is a hero!


  1. Happy birthday Tom! Honestly, what a beautiful wonderful family you all are!I never tire of seeing your pictures and hearing about your times together.

  2. So all around it was a good and busy day. Happy birthday Tom!

  3. Linda, nice day with the family to celebrate Tom's birthday. So special!

  4. What a great birthday! I also wish you, Tom, a happy birthday here. Sounds like it was perfect! :-)

  5. I hope Tom had a great birthday! It was so nice to see both of you at the plant exchange. Thank you so much for coming!

  6. Happy Birthday, Tom!
    Aloha from Hawaii.
    Jill resembles Tom so much.
    Great genes!

  7. I was so pleased and honored that you took time out on Tom's birthday to come to the plant exchange. What a sweet photo of Tom hugging Irene! If I had grandkids, I'd wish for time with them on my birthday too.

  8. Lovely and warm post as always. You are in your prime!

  9. Sounds to me like a perfect way to celebrate one's birthday. You were busy choreographing the day and preparing the dinner.

  10. Happy Birthday Tom. Sounds like you had a perfect day and I loved that Grandpa hug picture. Pure bliss and a working phone to boot.

  11. Well, that is a perfect birthday, when you get exactly what you want. Everyone looks to be enjoying the day as well.

  12. Happy Birthday, Tom! A Libra like me.

    That is so neat that you got to meet your blogging friends in person.

    Kathy M.


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