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Monday, April 4, 2016

Whidbey Island

After spending much of last Wednesday in the Skagit Valley we crossed the bridge to Fidalgo Island, drove south across the bridge at Deception pass to Whidbey Island, down the island, and arrived at the cabin in time for the sunset over Useless Bay.
Mt. Rainier in alpenglow.

Double Bluff in the foreground and the Olympic Mountains in the background. 

Thursday morning, after a late start on the day, we spent about a half hour weeding the garden and then got in the car to go exploring. Tom said there were some roads he had not traveled, or didn't remember traveling, so where we had GPS connection we used it, and guessed on the rest of it.
We drove through and around Maxwelton and stopped on the beach there.
Looking straight across Useless Bay you can barely see Sunlight Beach, where our cabin is. 
And across the Puget Sound shipping channel, the Olympics. 
The next stop was Scatchet head. We spotted an eagle's nest in a tall, topless fir. 
Here on Scatchet Head we are looking across the mouth of Cultus Bay out to the Sound. 

We drove around Cultus Bay to the other side and now  Scatchet Head is in the background. 
Private docks for the beach homes along Cultus Bay. 
Around the bay and through the woods we go to Possession Point Beach Park.
Here on Possession Point we look across Saratoga passage toward the Mukilteo Ferry dock and Mt Index in the North Cascades. 
Mr Baker peeks around the bluff on the left of this photo. 
This exposed beach park took a hit from the big storm and is undergoing cleanup and repair. 

After returning to the cabin we spent a leisurely afternoon just enjoying the sunshine, and the lovely garden Tom and I created when the family built this new cabin over ten years ago.  We are, by default, the official cabin gardeners. 

That concludes my posts from our anniversary/tulip festival/Whidbey Island trip from last week.  Since then we have worked in the yard here at home, had breakfast with friends, toured an estate garden with our garden club, attended a Sounders match at the stadium, worked in the yard some more, cleaned house, exercised and walked, and had our desktop computer cured of a virus, and today I picked up my new eyeglasses. 

Life is good,  and busy. 


  1. Your little garden there on the island has its very own tulip festival going on! Life IS good, isn't it?

  2. What an awesome day you had. You have so much beauty all around you. Life is indeed good!

  3. You certainly do have some wide open spaces out your way.

  4. keeping busy is contentment, what a lovely garden and beach cabin!

  5. I think you're looking at Three Fingers and Whitehorse in that one shot, not the equally scenic (but somewhat more Southeasterly) Mt. Index! Beautiful shots!

  6. It's a good thing you decided to tour some ack roads that you'd never been on. You got some great photos. It's a beautiful area.

  7. Your gardens there are so pretty. I cannot imagine sharing a vacation home with my siblings...they are way too messy:)

  8. I am amazed at the miles and miles of beauty that you and Tom enjoy seeing together. It must be wonderful. The flower garden at the cabin is very pretty.

  9. I just love your cabin garden. What a great day you planned with just a little work thrown in. I always crack up at the name "Useless Bay." The PNW has really creative names for areas.

  10. Gorgeous photos! I want to go there!

  11. You take such awesome pictures. And go to really neat places to take those pics. The sunset/cloud pics are my favourite.
    Your garden at the cottage reflects the hard work you put into it.

  12. What fun to explore new roads in such a gorgeous area! Your island garden looks amazing, especially since you don't get out there every day!


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