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Sunday, April 3, 2016

Christianson's Nursery

Whenever we visit the Skagit Valley we stop at Christianson's Nursery. It is old, charming, and has cool plants. And it's right there among the valley fields.

 This wisteria in a pot was already blooming.
 Lots of wonderful perennials.
 Black pansies
 Wonderful blue of gentian and corydalis 

 I'm always drawn to the heucheras.  

 Spines on an agave are backlit by the sun.
 I love these wonderfully spiney things, but they do require greenhouse protection here in our cold, wet winters. 
 There is a great little gift shop. All of the Easter stuff was 50% off, but I resisted. 
 We did pick out a few fancy leaf geraniums, and Tom was about to add a brugmansia to our box, when we discovered it had already been filled up!
 After petting her, I scooped the cat out and we got her another box just for her.  She was content. 

 Pots and palms.
 This old schoolhouse is part of the nursery grounds. Often used for art displays, it was closed today.
 I love this espaliered apple edging. 
 We were really tempted by these faux bois planters, but they did not have drain holes and we didn't know if they would hold up outside. Plus they were pricey. 
Christianson's was where we spent our first hour in the valley, before we headed across the valley to find the tulips. 


  1. lovely spring green things...hard to resist buying I'm sure––lol!

  2. A very nice nursery indeed. I've never seen black pansies but I am an immediate fan! And I just bought and planted my first of the year geraniums on the front porch. Not with such fancy leaves, though. :-)

  3. I would be lost there for hours. Those blue flowers are gorgeous, as are all the rest.

  4. Definitely a place I could get lost in!!! And I love the kitty!

  5. Thanks so much for sharing your photos! I love Christianson's! I would have been tempted by those faux bois planters too, but resisted for the same reasons. Great shot of the backlit Agave! The kitty is adorable.

  6. Nurseries make me so happy. I probably should have worked in one when I was young and could still bend and squat. I like those planters too and the spiny things.

  7. Love that cat in the box, that was great. I think I've missed about three of your posts waiting to get to the desktop computer because your photos are so much better there. Have I told you lately how much I love the Pacific Northwest?

  8. Ooh, I want some black Pansies. They are stunning. How funny about the box. Think she wanted to go home with you.

  9. I do like plant shops! I can browse away happily, dreaming of what I'd get if there was any room left to plant it. I think now I only have room for things that can go in pots.

  10. Some of the little places have great variety but not as much inventory.

  11. What a wonderful place to spend some browsing time.

  12. Wow! The variety of flowers and plants are just amazing. I could walk around there for hours.

  13. Looks like a great nursery with something for everyone. I'm impressed with your restraint with the Easter decoration sale! Adorable kitty!


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