Friday, April 8, 2016

Getting Edgy

No, this isn't a post about Bernie and Hillary, although the title fits them too.

It is that season when it is time to re-cut the lawn edges and spruce everything up. In our yard, that is a big job. 

I started early in the week by removing a foot of sod to widen this bed, where we planted hosta a few years ago and they need room to spread out. 

Then when Tom was trying to get that darn chainsaw to start on Wednesday, I got a start on cutting new edges. 
The bonsai benches await moving the bonsai trees from under cover out to the open and getting then hooked up to their drip system. That's the next job. 

Then yesterday, Thursday, while Tom was doing other chores, I set out to finish the edging job. I use a half round step on edging tool to cut, and then go hands and knees with  trowel and a bucket to remove grass and roots and weeds along the edges. 

 I found the first columbine already in bloom. One thing about doing this kind of work is that you get down and up close with all of the new things popping out of the ground. 

 I was getting very tired by the time I got to this island bed in the lower yard, having made it all the way around the perimeter. Fortunately Tom came to help me and met me half way. 

 And then we were done! It was 75 degrees as we finished by 1:30, time to clean up, eat lunch on the patio, and take it easy for the rest of the day. 

In the late afternoon I went out to take these photos and just appreciate how good everything looks when it is cleaned up and crisp. 
 I found one of the espaliered apple trees in bloom. 

 It has been a very good year for camellias. This light pink bloomer is loaded, and even has a few much brighter blooms that stand out in the crowd. The leaves are covered with tree pollen, which is everywhere. It has been a good year for pollen too. Achoo. 
 Some lush growth pops out early, always such a wonder as they emerge from bare earth. This hosta is already unfurling as others are just showing spikes.
And the first clump of trillium has gone from white to brilliant purple, wanting to show off as long as it can. 

As we enter the weekend, we will be doing some family things and hopefully a lot less hard work for a few days. But although our garden takes a lot of work, we love the results. 

Happy gardening to all of you who partake. For those who don't, go find someone else's handiwork to admire. It's lovely, wonderful spring!


  1. I feel guilty, every friday our HOA landscapers come and edge our lawns, mow and blow away the remains. But then we pay for it to be retired and free from yard!

  2. We got to 68 here in Bellingham yesterday, and you 75! What fantastic weather, eh? I love that pretty columbine, and the trillium too. :-)

  3. You work very hard on keeping your yard lovely and it shows. I am waiting for my first Columbine to open. Maybe next week if the sun keeps shining. Have a great weekend.

  4. Your writing brings it all back...even the smells and the feel of the earth.

  5. Your beds are just incredible. I can't imagine pulling that off. Your hard work paid off. Your yard is beautiful.

  6. No wonder your flower beds are so neat and perfect and beautiful. I love the way you and Tom work together and help each other. How wonderful that must be.

  7. Edging is just tough hard work. You describe it well. Edging does make beds look much better.

  8. Your garden is now about the tidiest I've ever seen!

  9. Oh my, that sounds like a lot of work. I am impressed at how balanced you are. You work hard for a while and then you play hard for a while. I'm even more impressed that you take time to enjoy the beauty of your yard.

  10. It's a lot of work, but it shows. You must have the MOST beautiful garden in the neighborhood and it's so huge!

  11. What incredible blooming. Such attention to detail, too. I get envious of your gardens so I am glad you write about the work involved--makes me appreciate my tiny scale efforts more!

  12. Columbine is my favorite. Your garden is wonderful.

  13. I hire two young me to do this edging. I do not have the patience and they do have the eye.

  14. So that is what edging is supposed to look like? You do wonderful work and your garden shows it.

  15. The crisp edges make such a nice difference. You're a few weeks ahead of me with garden tasks. Luckily, my garden is forgiving.


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