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Wednesday, August 13, 2014

Rain Drops on Roses

It Rained!  Hurrah! 

The thunderstorm went east, over the mountains, so there was no excitement here, which left me rather disappointed. 

But then sometime after dark it began to rain and then it rained harder and overnight we got about an inch of rain. The parched soil has soaked it up and the thirsty plants are bowing in supplication.  The air is cool and damp, which is better than hot and muggy.

And there are raindrops on roses.

 and hops
and Cape Fuchsia ( Phygelius)
 and fir trees
 and viburnum
 and echeveria
 and tomatoes
 and sorrel
 and hostas
 and spirea
 and Lady's Mantle
 and clematis
 and Japanese maple
 and roses!
These are a few of my favorite things.


  1. What beautiful, colorful flowers!! And even lovelier with the raindrops!! Delightful captures for the day, Linda, as always! Wish we had some of your rain!!! Hope you've had a great summer!!

  2. The rain adds a whole new dimension to the pictures, and they are quite lovely.

  3. Beautiful! And it was indeed a wonderful rain. You got more than we did, but it was sure a nice change! :-)

  4. The rain provided you with a great photographic gift. I guess there's a bit of wax or oil on plant surfaces so the water forms beads.

  5. raindrops everyone, all we get is promises of rain...

  6. We had a drenching rain yesterday. We have not been hurting for rain, but even so, my grass is brown and dried up looking. The soil is all sand and gravel. My flowers do better because I amend that soil each year. Even so, I have started a bit of fall clean up with even some of the annuals past their prime. You and Tom have such green thumbs, it makes me green with envy sometimes!

  7. Isn't rain the best? I never complain having been in many a drought. Few flowers photograph as well as roses beaded in raindrops.
    You can water all you want but plants just thrive with God's rain. He's got the touch.

  8. Good for you, we need rain here or the forest fires will start:(

  9. Summer rain is so special here because it's so unusual! Your garden was transformed into a jewel encrusted wonderland!

  10. I think that was the most welcome rain we've ever gotten! So nice to catch up (mostly) with watering everything.


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