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Saturday, August 23, 2014

Two Renton Gardens

We haven't made it to very many Open Gardens this summer.  Open Gardens are gardens belonging to fellow members of the Northwest Perennial Alliance.  Most weekends May through September there are gardens to tour. 

We actually had an unscheduled Saturday today! There were two gardens open in Renton, not that far from us, so this morning we went touring.

Trang Tu is also a member of our neighborhood group, so we have seen her garden before, but she just keeps improving it and adding more whimsy.  It is a small garden, but she packs a lot into it.

 She loves to decorate with found and re-purposed objects. 

The Nixon garden surrounds an older home on Renton Hill.

I loved these pansies that had seeded themselves in the gravel.

The fragrance of this clerodendron filled the air in the front of the house.
There is a shady garden on the north side of the house

It was a very pleasant way to spent the morning.  Thank you to these gardeners for opening their gardens.

We have been slowing down a bit this week, as we wind down the month of August.  I have been doing a lot of reading and I am back to spending at least an hour a day writing again, working on my memoirs. Next week we will have the kids during the day while teacher Jill goes back to work. 

We're resting up.


  1. how fun-love the colors isn the garden especially the purples!

  2. I didn't realize I had missed your garden shots, it's been a full summer for me, too. I always enjoy touring these gardens with you. :-)

  3. Wow! Fabulous color and so much in small spaces. It's inspirational for wanna be gardeners.

  4. I was thinking of adding more plants to my patio, but the thought of hurricanes blowing those pots around discouraged me. Lovely photos!

  5. We saw Trang Tu's garden last summer when it was open, and it looks even more packed now. Such a fun garden space!

  6. I like the colors she puts together.

  7. I visited a formal garden this past weekend in Connecticut.
    Your garden pictures were very pretty, but I have to say they fall a bit short of your own gardens. (they put mine to shame, but they are all works of love so I probably should not even be making comparisons)

  8. These are so pretty. I like how people share their work by inviting friends in to see what they have done with their yards.

    Thanks for sharing these, Linda.

    Kathy M.

  9. It must smell wonderful in that first garden! Helitrope is one of my favorite plants! I also enjoyed her use of color! In the second garden the hydrangea was stunning! :)

  10. Came from Far side of Fifty's links.
    LOVE the gardens. I need to cluster objects more and not be so timid. I love the images you've shared. thanks

  11. Wow! Trang Tu's garden has even more interesting plants and whimsy than last year when we visited. It's amazing how much she does with her space! Thanks for the tours of both gardens.

  12. What fun it is to see other people's gorgeous gardens.


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