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Tuesday, March 15, 2016

Getting Our Ducks in a Row

I was fiddling around before lunch today, and got a little silly. I posted this photo on Facebook with the caption "Getting my ducks in a row". 
Then I added this one: "I have more but some of them are chickens". :-)

I was just chilling for a bit, glad that we had been able to get our exercise walk in this morning, plus my physical therapy exercise routine, finish the housework we started yesterday and get the laundry done. Then I was wondering where we should start on our jobs outside.

You see, it stopped raining!

Over the weekend, when it was raining, I realized that Easter is not far away, and I hadn't decorated. But Saint Patrick's Day hadn't happened yet. Can I say that I think Easter ought to be a fixed Sunday in April? Anyway, I just mixed the two. 

Did I mention it stopped raining?

This afternoon we got to work outside. Now the driveway is raked, and the front entry is cleaned up.

 While Tom raked the debris off the lawn, I scraped most of the scuzz off the patio. Now it can dry off and we can take the blower to the rest of it. The lawn is ready to mow as we move into some sunny days. 
Our ducks are lining up. It feels good. 


  1. Isn't it just great to be able to work outside and it's not raining!!! We've been cleaning up branches that were blown down with that wind we had. A few more hours and we should have it done. Your yard is looking very tidy.

  2. spring is definitely herer, look sgreat your clean up. WE need to do some trimming outside that got missed by our hoa maintenance!

  3. It stopped raining!! That's good.
    I love your decorations. If I manage a few flowers around the house, I imagine I have gone all out.

  4. Yes, it's stopped raining! I look forward to a couple of sunny days. Love your pretty ducks in a row and your table decoration. :-)

  5. I love the clean look, too. Those little pottery pieces are lovely, Linda.

  6. Yes, ducks in a row can even look good! I hate yard work after a rain as everything is soggy wet and hard to work with. The yard looks much better when stuff is cleaned up.

  7. Finally the rain stopped here too and we have been able to get a little gardening done. Impressive ducks, made me smile.

  8. You all clean up nice. I love that arrangement. Stunning. I just mowed for the first time this year today. I forgot how much I enjoy that task. I'll be sick of it by August but for now it was delightful.

  9. Hooray that it isn't raining! I hope you get to enjoy the sunny days playing in your garden!

  10. I'm glad to have a name for that slimy messy stuff that collects after days and days of rain, scuzz. Scuzz also collects on sidewalks and makes them slick. We need some sun to dry things out some. We have green moss growing everywhere. I love moss on trees but not on sidewalks.

  11. I'm also all for fixing a date for Easter. In fact, it made we wonder why Easter is not on a fixed date. I looked it up and found this:
    "So why does the date for Easter change every year? Unlike a lot of Christian feast days, Easter does not have a fixed date. The feast is based on the lunar calendar, so Easter is scheduled to fall on the Sunday that follows the full moon on or after March 21, also known as the Spring Equinox."

  12. Easter always falls on the first Sunday after the first full moon on or after the vernal equinox,

    So Easter could never be a fixed date!
    So good to hear that your rain stopped and you are catching up with your outside work:)


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