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Friday, March 11, 2016

Reeder Garden Report

It has been a rainy week, which has prevented us from getting much done outside in the yard. We did get all of the sword fern fronds cut off, as the new fronds are getting ready to unfurl. We have piles of stuff waiting to go out in the two yard waste bins, but pick up is only every two weeks, so we have to stock pile.

This morning, Friday, the rain stopped. We enjoyed a view of The Mountain as we drove to breakfast. Then back at home, we headed out for a walk about 11:00. We got in our 3.75 miles under darkening skies. As soon as we got back home I grabbed my camera to take some garden photos of what's blooming. The rain was beginning to fall as I finished the rounds of the garden. 
It's now the middle of the afternoon. The rain is falling steadily. I have completed my physical therapy exercises, had lunch and read the newspaper, called my sister, read political editorials in line, and just now finished editing my garden photos. Here we go. 
 Tete-a-tete daffodils
 Camellia grown from a cutting from the farm in Oregon where I grew up
 Daffodils and violets

 and primroses. 

 Native red flowering currant
 pink flowering pulmonaria 

 A newer variety of forsythia that we transplanted last spring 

 Mouse plant - Arisarium proboscideum

Native ginger 

 Native Indian plum

 One of many kinds of epimedium
Leucojum (summer snowdrop) 

 Native trillium 
 Camellia - the leaves are coated with pollen from the evergreen trees and the trees with catkins. Aaaaa-choo!
 Magnolia stellata 

 Another variety of pulmonaria
 White camellia from a cutting from a neighbor, long ago

 A long forgotten variety of rhododendron 
 Spring blooming cyclamen are just about done
 White flowering pulmonaria 
 A fancy red trillium emerging from the deep

 Viburnum burkwoodii

 Native Oregon Grape. It will be opening to yellow flowers soon, much earlier than usual. 

 From the house, as the rain falls, we are enjoying watching the leaf buds burst on the fern leaf full moon maple. 
And there you have it, the mid-March garden tour. Thanks for visiting. 


  1. Your garden looks just wonderful! I wish mine looked half as good. Still lots of cleanup to do.

  2. You have an awesome garden. Do you live on a city lot or acreage because I don't see how you could fit all that loveliness on an ordinary sized lot. You've definitely got a green thumb.

    1. We live on a half acre lot in the suburbs south if the City of Seattle, in the City of SeaTac, which surrounds the Seattle-Tacoma Intl' Airport. We have lived here since we had the house built about 38 years ago.

    2. I think I spied some grass in one of the photos but I doubt there's room for much of it. I love your garden.

  3. You've inspired me. Maybe tomorrow I'll plant the bulbs I picked up at Costco! I did manage to rake up the dead winter leaves from the beds and the wind carried them over the cliff to the river below. We don't have anything blooming yet, but it won't be long.

  4. Absolutely awesome spring garden! Wow! We are really impressed. We will NEVER forget that mouse plant. LOL

  5. Your garden is inspirational, I am always in awe of its beauty whatever the season. Rain has stopped all outside work, my garden is sodden.

  6. It looks like the mid-May garden here! Must be a beautiful garden!

  7. I so enjoyed this tour, and I learned the name of some of the flowers I've been seeing emerge up here in Bellingham. What a wonderful garden you have. :-)

  8. Lovely flowers, Linda.

  9. wow impressive, especially because you know all the names of the flowers!

  10. Wow, can't believe all the color you have all ready. That Forsythia is really unusual looking and a great specimen plant. Every Spring when I see Spirea I wonder why I don't plant some. Spring is just a breath away here.

  11. You've got a lot of showy stuff to show from just a walk around your yard.

  12. Everything looks so beautiful. I don't have a Spirea at this house and I think I'm going to have to get one now. I was also not familiar with that type of Magnolia. I have only seen the big blossom ones we have in the South. That was very pretty.

  13. Your garden wears spring beautifully! So much happens outside at this time of year.

  14. Wow. WOW! You must love seeing your gardens burst into bloom. You certainly work hard to see that they do their best, and they do.


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