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Friday, December 2, 2016

It's beginning to look a lot like Christmas!

I'm pretty sure I can't account for all of my time since my last post, but I know I've been busy.

There were walks every day, and some work in the yard when weather permitted. We made another wreath, for Jill this time.  I got a good start on my Christmas shopping, much of it on line, and some in actual stores!

Tom put out more lights in the front yard. Since we live back off the street, we decorate for our own view out of the family room window. 

And we did some more decorating inside.
Yesterday I did the dining room. 
We both have a lot of Scandinavian ancestry, so that is my theme in this room, with hearts and straw ornaments.
 The Dala horses are from our travels in Sweden and the wooden shoes are from Amsterdam. The compote belonged to Tom's grandmother. 
 The buffet and the wooden mirror frame are also from Tom's grandparents. 
 The sheaf of wheat and the straw pig and goat are Scandinavian traditions. Tom's mother made the fabric trees a long time ago. The old pressed glass pieces are things we collected over the years. 
 Tom helped me get the garland up on the beam in the dining room. It is decorated with hearts and vintage ornaments we got from our former neighbor. We found them when we were helping to clean out her home when she moved into assisted living. Connie, of Far Side of Fifty, you'll be interested to know that many of them are Shiny Brites, and I even have a Shiny Brite box that some of them originally came in. It is marked 99 cents. 

These three Santas stand on the table separating the dining room from the living room. 

Today, after breakfast with friends and shopping at IKEA, we got the kitchen decorated. Tom is much better on the step stool than I am, so I pretty much just direct and hand him things for the garlands. 

Getting started.
 The details.  I made the felt gingerbread boys and the calico ornaments shortly after we moved into this house, 38 years ago. We have used them this way ever since. Only the garlands have been refreshed. I guess you could say we are "traditional" around here. 

There are other decorations scattered here and there around the house, like this cone wreath that Tom made.
 Little elves abound.  (Don't tell anyone but that is a fake poinsettia. Real ones die here)
And Sunday we will tackle the Christmas tree. It is an all day project. 


  1. Your dining room is so beautiful. I love looking at all your tradition every year.

  2. I enjoyed seeing your Shiny Brites! Looks like you have some real pretty ones and from looking you may have a few ornaments from Poland and West Germany too! You are looking festive! :)

  3. Very nice. If I walked into your place I'd spend a lot of time just looking. I'm sure you get a lot of satisfaction from decorating for Christmas.

  4. How lovely your house looks!! Your dining room is so roomy, too.
    Oh yes, my Poinsettia is fake too.

    1. and I have that Robert Frost book as well.

  5. It looks wonderful. I love the garlands and the gingerbread men.

  6. It is all stunning, a real delight and feast for the eyes.

  7. Your "traditional" is just beautiful! Your home is sooo pretty.

  8. It's so festive! I know it's a lot of work, but it's work you enjoy, obviously. I'm glad you share it with me. And those garlands filled with Shiny Brites made me think of Connie, too. :-)

  9. Wow, you go all out and your house looks beautiful!

  10. You certainly do a wonderful job with the decorations year round, but there is always something so magical about the Christmas decorations. I think we really need them at this dark time of year. I admire how you and Tom always work together as well.

  11. I love all of your decorations, but man oh man, that looks like a LOT of work!

  12. I knew you two would be the type to go big! Be honest, do you forget stuff when you take it all down>

  13. I just love how so many of your ornaments and decorations have been handed down from previous generations. There is so much feeling in your home as well as beauty. Kind of like that you keep your outside decorations for your eyes only.

  14. wow you have been busy. i have a wreath on the door and that's it for your scandinavian stuff.

  15. This is so festive Linda... I wish I felt festive myself..

  16. Simply beautiful! You sure do get into the Christmas spirit.

  17. Wow! The Holiday spirit is here! Your pictures remind me of Gig Harbor annual Holiday Tour of Homes. Unfortunately, it looks like they stopped doing it. We didn't have it last year, and I didn't see anything about this year's tour. Your house looks very festive, with a North European touch. Great job, Linda!

  18. I am in awe of the work you put into Christmas decorating. Beautiful results, of course., but wow, the TIME! You createa magical Christmas at your home.

  19. Very Festive! Your Christmas traditions are truly special.


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