Wednesday, December 28, 2016

Winter Walk

We walk almost every day, time and weather permitting. We have a route in the neighborhood that is about 3.35 miles.

However, today, we decided to take advantage of the clear day and the sunshine to go on a "destination walk". That means we drive somewhere, usually not more than 20-30 minutes from home, and then walk, enjoying a change of scenery. 

Today we chose to walk down in the Kent Valley, along the Green River. I have posted this route before so some of you might find it familiar. 

We start at The Old Fishing Hole, a small park belonging to the city of Kent. The ducks were in residence. 

 We walked up one side of the river on a farm road, past the llama farm, but most of the llamas were in the barn. 
 Mount Rainier was illusive, with a veil of fog and low clouds.

 This is farm land on the south west bank of the river. Here a cabbage field is left to decay back into the soil. 
 We crossed over the river on a local highway bridge. The winter color of willow and osier dogwood is subtle but lovely. 

 On the opposite bank we walked on a section of the Green River Trail. We'll call this tree Burl. 

 The path takes us along the River Bend Golf Course. 
 Ah, the finish line - back over the river to the parking lot. 

 We logged 4.52 miles. It was really 11:29, not 12:29.  My pedometer is still set on DST. 
I still had time to get home, do my floor exercises and go grocery shopping before lunch, which at our house is about 1:00. Then I started a new project, which I'll post about later. 


  1. Beautiful pictures, especially those with the almost-not-there Mt. Rainier. Thanks for sharing your walk with me. Today I'll be hiking in the rain. :-(

  2. I can certainly see why it's a destination walk! It's gorgeous! Thanks for sharing!

  3. That walk was certainly worth the drive. Loved the wild life and the tame life.

  4. Nice scenery despite the cold weather.

  5. I see this walk gets you out in the country so it is a very different view from in town.

  6. I'm impressed. I never knew the definition of a destination walk. Thanks.

  7. Beautiful. I can almost feel the crisp coolness and smell the drying leaves. I admire your perseverance and your daily walking. Very nice.

  8. You two are so healthy and I am a bit envious as I am lazy most days. No excuses.

  9. ambitious...I certainly need to walk more and our weather was warmer looking 50 degrees and sunny!

  10. Thanks for sharing this beautiful destination walk again. It's fun to see how the scenery changes through the year.

  11. What a lovely walk you had. I'm glad you posted a picture of your pedometer because I'm looking for a different one and am overwhelmed by the choices. All I really want is a basic one.... no need for any bells and whistles. Happy New Year!

  12. What beautiful scenery. I love a good walk near nature.


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