Monday, March 13, 2017

A Whidbey Weekend

A mattress set was being delivered to the cabin this weekend, and since we had not been there for a while, we decided we would be the ones to be there and spend the weekend on Whidbey Island.
We also hoped to get some gardening done. We knew we would have a lot of weeding to do. Fitting it in between the rain showers and waves of steady rain was the trick. 
We had just got started Saturday morning when the rain started, so we just kept going. We gave up after about an hour and a half, and managed to finish up Sunday morning without rain. We got a lot of trimming and cleaning out done. 
Friday afternoon we took advantage of a break in the rain to get in a four mile walk. 
Things looked brighter over there in Seattle, but the clouds hung heavy over Useless Bay.

Jill and the kids decided to come up Saturday and join us for an overnight. We all watched the Sounders match at 4:00 Saturday afternoon. Our team came from behind to pull out a draw in the last seconds. Yay!

There was even a ray or two of sunshine on Saturday afternoon.

After dinner we spent the evening playing games. 

They left about 1:00 Sunday afternoon. We did some cleaning up and enjoyed some quiet time.  I had time for another short walk, in light rain. A heron kept watch over the lagoon. 

A marsh hawk tried to hide from me in a pine in the front yard of a cabin. 
And these swelling cherry tree buds reminded me that spring is around the corner, even if the weather gods don't seem to know it. 

The daylight lasted longer today, but it didn't matter here, with steady rain all day and on into the evening. We cleaned house and did laundry here at home today, and I went grocery shopping, did my half hour of physical therapy exercise, and spent 50 minutes on the stationary bike. 

Tomorrow I might have to find another project to work on. It doesn't look like it will be gardening weather here any time soon. 


  1. It rained all day here. This is the down time of living in the PNW. Just when you think you can't stand another day of it, spring breaks out in all it's beauty and you are reminded why you're willing to endure the rain.

  2. We finally got a much needed night of steady rain here in Florida. I don't even care that the weeds must have been just waiting for a bit of rain so they could all pop out at once.
    The heron looks grumpy.

  3. What a nice retreat! Looks like lots of opportunities to mingle with nature.

  4. Isn't that the truth! I am listening to rain drumming on the roof right now. I haven't seen any sun for awhile now and am getting very tired of the rain. You managed to get quite a bit done even with little break from it. :-)

  5. sh welcome rain, we have 80 degrees and sunshine-feels like summer is close at hand!

  6. It was so nice to have a few breaks in the rain this weekend, perfect to enjoy your Whidbey cabin. We're all tired of the weather forecasters saying, "It's going to be a soaker today." Would it be so difficult to tell us that we'd have highs in the sixties under sunny skies?

  7. Whidbey island looks great in the spring. I'm not sure I'd like to weed in the rain. I found that when you go out to the cabin you have work in rough conditions.

  8. Oh, it's nice to see Whidby Island again. Meanwhile, we have a blizzard visiting us today.

  9. At least in the rain and soggy soil, weeds are easy to pull. Even in the rain, that is such a lovely place.

  10. Another busy weekend. You get a lot done between the two of you!

  11. I do miss gong to Whidbey. We live pretty close but as you know it was my Mother that kept us visiting the Island. We always talk about going over to visit the old familiar places but somehow we don't.
    Lovely Spring header---soon the Valley will be full of bulb color.

  12. I love that name Useless Bay. I can just imagine how pretty that cherry tree will look soon.

  13. I hope you are around when those Cherry Trees bloom! :)


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