Wednesday, March 1, 2017

Northwest Flower and Garden Show, Part 4 - Plants and Vintage

It's not planting season yet, so plant sales at the garden show are not the main attraction, but it is an opportunity to find some new releases and some more unusual or specialized plants.

Succulents are very big these days. These are the more exotic types, not the common hens and chicks we all have growing in our gardens year round. These tender beauties need to be babied indoors or in a greenhouse to survive our winters. Nevertheless, I find them fascinating. 

 These shoe planters are filled with hardy succulents. Pretty cute. 

 Art from tree prunings. 

Christianson's Nursery, in the Skagit Valley, is always a stop on our list when we visit the tulip festival in April. 

 Hellebores are blooming now, and it seems there are new varieties every year. 
 The lily bulb vendors manage to force enough lily blooms to entice you with their scent. 

Finally, a feature added a few years ago, is the Vintage Market, full of old stuff  with a lot of charm, some of it even garden related. 

 A new use for an old tool chest. 
 Rusty old garden tool to decorate your garden shed

 Not sure about these Garden Glove Tussie Mussies, but they are cute. 

And that concludes my NWFGS posts. Hope you enjoyed the show. 


  1. Gorgeous photos. I love succulents. Mine live(d) in a pot on the patio. Got caught unware this year and didn't get them in soon enough. Poor things. I will begin again and be more vigilant.

  2. Such beautiful photos with so much detail in each one!

  3. What a fun show! Lots of good ideas in this batch of photos and I see a lot of old bicycles.

  4. I'm not having a lot of luck warming up to succulents. They say hot and dry to me. I liked the tree pruning art. The stage of admiring old stuff that needs painting or fixing has passed for me I think. Rust and chipped paint just doesn't do a lot for me.

  5. Your show posts were very enjoyable! I find myself wanting to go back to the show for another round of eye candy.

  6. You got into the unique stuff today...the one of a kind.

  7. I certainly did enjoy it, all four of them. It was almost like being there, except for the smells and the walking around. :-)

  8. I would love to attend that show, thanks for sharing it...

  9. What a massive and wonderful show. I have never been to one so large. I loved the trimming art. Always impressed when someone makes beauty out of waste.

  10. Here in Minnesota I have seen Hen and Chicks planted in shoes and 9 x 9 metal baking pans :)

  11. This is so much fun! I'll be posting my sister-in-law's drought tolerant garden soon. It's amazing!


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