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Sunday, April 14, 2013

Irene's Birthday Pageant Begins

Irene will be eight years old on Wednesday, April 17th.  Since that day is full to the brim with school and work and activities, we are celebrating before and after.  Irene says she will have a full week of birthday wishes!

Today we three girls - Jill, Irene and I - had high tea at the Secret Garden Tea Room in Sumner.  The tea room is in a lovely old house   reached by a drive out into the rural valley, south of Seattle, to the  small town of Sumner.
In the hustle and bustle of getting Irene and Grandma accessorized, I forgot my camera!  Thankfully Jill had her cell phone.
 The setting was lovely, and so was the company.  Irene and I enjoyed checking out as much of the house as we could poke our noses into.  There were lots of temptations in the gift shop.
Irene had her own tower of food, with yummy peanut butter and honey sandwiches, fruit and sweet goodies on the top.  This was after the first course of scones with Devonshire cream, raspberry jam and lemon curd, and a cleansing bit of mango sorbet.

Of course there was the equivalent of adult delicacies which Jill and I managed to down most of, with lots of pots of fragrant tea.

And then cake!  Most of that came home in a box, But Irene did get to make her first wish.

I got my wish by just being there.


  1. So it's pagentry time again for Irene. By all means let's do it up right for that special girl. It's obvious she is going to be a beautiful young woman. I like the first picture of her at the top of the steps with her hand on her hip. That girl knows how to make a statement. Such fun. I love keeping up with Irene.

  2. You both look very pretty Linda - Dave

  3. How splendid you all looked! I love your hat, Linda. It's been awhile since I have been to High Tea. Everything on the table looked delicious.

    Happy birthday, Irene!
    Aloha from Hawaii.

  4. I think a birthday week is definitely in order. I love that picture of you, Linda, in your beautiful High Tea outfit! Irene is a real beauty. Happy birthday, Irene! :-)

  5. how fun-just perfect for an 8th birthday-she's growing up fast!

  6. What fun! You all look marvelous.

  7. What fun! Your Irene is beautiful..I have a Granddaughter whose birthday is April 17 also:)


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