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Saturday, April 20, 2013

Irene's Birthday Pageant comes to a Grand Close

On Wednesday, Irene's real birthday, she shared treats with her class at school.  At home that evening, she received her second American Girl doll, which she named Marie, her own middle name.  And she blew out her candles on her favorite pie - pumpkin!

Meanwhile, after my little get away to see the tulips and spend a night on Whidbey Island, I came back to work on the grand finale.
 Table linens were prepared, including making a new table runner.  Dishes and serving pieces were selected.  Decorations were hung, and flowers were arranged.  Jill and Irene helped on Friday.

 This morning Jill arrived with the American Girl cake.
 And the birthday doll herself.
 High tea was served to the guests in four courses:  Scones with butter and jam, raspberry sorbet, tea sandwiches and mini-quiches with fruit, and finally, sweets.
 Each two quests shared a tower of savories and then sweets.  Jill  kept the tea cups filled with four different selections.

 Of course there were more gifts too.
And while we certainly didn't need it, cake!

Happy Birthday, Irene. You are now officially eight!

And I am resting.

PS - Tom is wonderful at clean up.  He is a life saver!


  1. To be eight years old and have a grand who treats me like a queen... Irene is so lucky, as you are to have her. High Tea indeed, and a beautiful beautiful table, thanks to you, Linda. :-)

  2. Wow, you guys go all out. Amazing decor. I wish I were as ambitious and energetic as you. Maybe, I will force myself this year.

  3. What a stupendous birthday celebration! Lucky little girl! And your decorations are beautiful. She will have wonderful memories...

  4. Every child in this country should have grandparents like you and Tom. Gracious! I wish MY granddaughter had a grandmother like you. Those are magnificent celebrations. That cake is amazing. The flowers look fabulous and it's all so very beautiful. I love watching your lovely Irene grow up. Pumpkin pie? No kidding?

  5. You set a beautiful table. My oldest granddaughter will be 8 in June. She would love to have a fancy tea party. You've inspired me...maybe I can pull together something when they are with me this summer.

  6. Wow. Everytime I think you can't possibly top a birthday party you go and do it again. I'm forwarding this one to family and friends.

  7. Irene had a party every girl would dream of having. Everything looked perfect! What a treasured memory she will have. You rock as a grandmother!

  8. happy birthday Irene
    you're a wonderful girl

    you Linda do things with so much class and detail and love
    the table is amazing
    what a joy it all is

  9. wow, how elegant-an unforgetable birthday!

  10. What a lucky little girl! Everything was so beautiful, especially Irene. How fun ... loved the hats too.

    Hope that you all have a wonderful week.

    Kathy M.

  11. What a beautiful birthday tea party; everything looks so perfect! Happy Birthday to Irene!
    And Linda, your arrangements are expert!

  12. I sure wish you'd give me a birthday party! Irene's a lucky girl, and she'll always remember these fabulous parties.

  13. Happy Birthday Sweet Young Lady. You are loved by many, fortunate one.
    what a grand party. Love the table setting---right out of High Tea Society. MB

  14. Lovely..such a beauty..and enjoying her party fit for a princess! :)


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