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Monday, April 8, 2013

A Blank Page

When I flipped over to a new week in my planning calendar, I found Monday blank.  Oh, no.  I don't like completely unstructured days.  

After a busy Saturday (see previous post) we had a slower Sunday. 
Well, it wasn't all this slow.  We did clean house and do laundry in the morning.  It poured down rain most of the day, setting a new record for this day in April.  April showers, and all that, making for soggy April flowers.

I did my exercises indoors, including 10 miles on the stationary bike.  Tom spent a lot of time on the computer, searching still for clues to those illusive Reeder ancestors.

In the late afternoon we attended a 50th Wedding Anniversary party for some friends we know through teaching.  I wondered if we would still be hale and healthy in six years and if we would want a big to do.  

But then, that Monday blank page.  What to do?  It's still cold outside, but the rain has stopped.  It's very lush out in the garden, lovely to look at from inside.

As usual when I have time on my hands, I migrated to the desk top computer, where I spent at least an hour reading and responding to all of your blogs.  That was fun, and a luxury I don't usually allow myself in the morning.

Then I spent about an hour on my physical therapy exercise, the ones that make it possible to keep moving without pain.  I interrupted myself to take some of these photos, my mind on a post about nothing.

Now the antique clocks have all struck 12:00 noon, except the old clock that just makes up any time it wants to strike.  I love that old clock best.  And here I am sitting in my recliner, another thing I never do in the  morning, writing this post about nothing.  

That's what happens when you have nothing planned - nothing happens.

But I think I'm saved.  Tom has just come down from the desk top computer with a stack of paper and the Pennsylvania Atlas.  I think he is ready to talk about our summer trip. He is in charge of planning this one, because, besides attending my niece's wedding, we are going in search of his ancestors.  I get to go along for the ride this time instead of being the one who does all of the research and planning.  

And the rain has stopped, so maybe I can go for a walk this afternoon.


  1. You sound very energetic. Unlike me due to my illness. I have a doctor's appointment at 1 pm today and a different doctor's appointment at 11:30 am tomorrow.
    Take care of yourself. You have only one life to live.

  2. Sounds like my kind of day but I can only imagine how it would no be your kind of day.

  3. I spent this morning at Roozengaard looking at the tulips. It didn't rain on us, but it was plenty cold and windy. I'll be putting up a post either later today or early tomorrow. Not sure, because I've found an energetic young man to help me with my garden plot, which had gone the way of interminable weeds. Now I'm getting excited! :-)

  4. It has been a few SOGGY days hasn't it!!! Your garden is beautiful and you always get such great shots! Thanks for you good thoughts about Sam! All the good thoughts must be working, we took a couple of walks and he hasn't hidden under my desk all day like he has for the past week!! Maybe he's really on the mend!! Have a good week!

  5. We just got back to VT. My garden is all brown mud and a few little rhubarb shots poking through. Very much in contrast to your lush gardens at this time of year.

  6. Well, at least you did it. I've been having trouble composing posts of late as my days are "same old, same old".

  7. Doesn't sound like a "nothing" day at all! Everything is really looking rain foresty around there - can't wait to be home. I still have somewhat webbed feet. :)

  8. I love free days to choose what to fun!

  9. I like free days but I can tell you are very structured! A vacation all the way to Pennsylvania..that is some trip! :)

  10. It is nice to have some down time once in awhile. I am home sick today and am catching up on blog visits too.

    Your trip sounds wonderful already.

    Kathy M.


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