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Thursday, April 11, 2013

Jake's Birthday

Our son Jake is 38 today.  How time flies.
Here he is at two weeks.  Sister Jill has taken full possession of him by now.  The truth is, she very much helped raise him.  It wasn't always easy.

It was often a lot of fun, though.

It still is.  As Jill said of her brother on Facebook today "Jake: making life more interesting since 1975".

A true introvert, he does not like to have his photo taken, so we don't have many of him as an adult. I captured this one from his Facebook profile.  

Jake has played soccer since he was eight, and still plays, as well as coaches.  He'll be celebrating his birthday with his soccer friends this Saturday before, during, and after the 1:00 Sounders match.  It sure would be nice if he was gifted with a win.  

We'll be there too, of course, but we'll leave that partying to the younger crowd.  We are taking him out to dinner this evening for own little celebration.  

Happy Birthday, Jake!


  1. Happy Birthday, Jake!
    Aloha from Hawaii!
    My granddaughter, age 5, joined a soccer team that plays every Saturday afternoon. It helps to have a dad who teaches her how to win. Lol.

  2. Now I see the reason for Jill's long hair. She must have been born with it. That's a lot of hair for such a little girl.

    From the little I know about Jake I can just imagine Jill's extra set of eyes being helpful at times.

  3. it is amazing how soon they grow up. my baby turns 30 this year...

  4. Adorable pictures! Go, Sounders!! Win one for the birthday boy.

  5. Happy birthday, Jake! You come from a fine family that I feel fortunate to have met. :-)

  6. Happy Birthday Jake and a wonderful day for Mon and Dad too. My youngest will be 38 also but not until December.

    As for the Tulips I think the best day to visit was yesterday when we were there for the second time this yer. The weather looks like rain and more rain for the next week or so. Since we live so close it is no problem to just run out there when the sun does shine. Maybe next year, MB

  7. Time sure does fly. Nice photos. Happy birthday, Jake.

  8. Yae! Happy Birthday, Jake! He's the same age as my Tiffany. He may be introverted, but he sure is active and adventurous.

  9. What sweet pictures of you all. Hope it was a great birthday.

    Older sisters are a blessing. I was 7 when my youngest sister was born and helped out a lot too. My girls were 9 and 10 when my son was born, and they were awesome to have around.

    Kathy M.


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