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Thursday, April 18, 2013

Whidbey Island Visit

There was sky drama over the mountains and the edge of the Skagit Valley as we left to cross over the bridge to the north end of Whidbey Island.

DJan, my blog friend from Bellingham, had just recently posted about a Thursday hike in the Cornet Bay area of Deception Pass State Park on Whidbey Island. In all of the time Tom and I have spent on the island, we have never been there, so we decided now was the time.
There were no threatening clouds here at Cornet Bay!
DJan had mentioned that there were wonderful old growth trees here in this rain forest.  Big trees are my thing, so we set out to find some.

 Can you see me at the base of this tree?  Yep, that's a big one all right, and it had plenty of company.

 Growth of all kinds is lush here in the temperate rain forest. 

 We didn't do the nine miles up and down the hill like DJan and her fellow hikers.  After enjoying the company of the trees for a little while, we turned around and returned to the bay.

We did some more poking around and finally reached the cabin, dumped our overnight gear, and went to find some dinner.  As a matter of fact, we found some nearby, at Bayview.  We ate at Joe's (wood fired pizza - a new place and very good).

The sun was setting on Sunlight Beach and Deer Lagoon by the time we were ready for an after dinner walk.

 Look closely in the photo below to see the sky scrapers of Seattle and Mt Rainier in alpen glow.
 It's tulip time at the cabin too.  The garden looked great but we could see the millions of tiny weeds sprouting everywhere.  That would be our job for the morning.
It took us both about four hours and a lot of hard work, but now the yard is back to ship shape.

While the cabin is a jointly own family place, the garden is our project.

 By mid afternoon, with all the work done outside and inside, I roused myself for a short walk on the dike trail along the lagoon.
The clouds were beginning to gather for the predicted rain, which held off until later that night.
 After the winter browns, the dike trail is going green again.
 Scotch broom is ready to burst it's buds, and Oregon Grape is in full bloom.
 Looking back, you can see our cabin from the lagoon side, the brown one, second from the left.  The tide was out during the daylight hours, so no sky mirror this trip.

The light from the cloudy sky gave the colors in the garden a softer glow as we said goodbye and headed for home.


  1. It is so beautiful at your beach house. I think I would live there full time.

  2. Your beach house is fantastic. Everyone is proud of your garden and gardening skills.
    I like Deception Island State Park. So much to do. great shots. MB

  3. You are so lucky to have that gorgeous place, Linda. I remember seeing Deception Pass from the bridge when we were in your area. We didn't realize what amazing scenery was down there. I can see why DJan likes hiking there.

  4. Wow, what a marvelous place you get to visit. I am envious of you and Djan to have access to such a lovely place. Like Nana said, I could live there year round.
    Your gardens are so lush.

  5. the trees are majestic!! I love big old trees
    the photo of you with the tree is wonderful

    the house and garden look great

  6. Lovely photos, Linda. I love to see colorful flowers amid the greens and browns.

  7. Oh, I am so happy to see your pictures! I took the exact same one of the bridge between the trees, but you captured it perfectly. And your Whidbey Island garden is simply gorgeous. I so enjoyed going back there again with you! :-)

  8. Your tulip pictures are breathtaking! It looks like the flowers are still in bloom, so we may still get up there to see them this year. Love the hikes through the park at Deception Pass.

  9. Lovely post, spring is taking hold in the north west.

  10. Those were some big trees!! And beautiful tulips, too. Seems like you have your health issues under control...great!!

  11. Don't you just love blogging? Because of a blogging buddy, you took a new path and discovered some pretty neat things along the way. Those trees are simply amazing. I loved the one of you at the base of it. Wow.

    As for your garden, well it as a sight for sore eyes. I loved seeing the tulips. Somewhere these is springtime!

  12. One thing that I miss the most about living in the Willamette Valley is the old growth and beautiful huge trees. Thanks for those pictures.

    Your cabin and yard are beautiful. Cary enjoyed your header picture, and said that he drove past that place all the time when he was on the WSP.

    Hope that you are having a great weekend.

    Kathy M.

  13. What a beautiful spot..I would love to visit there too! Your gardens are wonderful! I know how much time you must spend in them! :)


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