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Saturday, May 2, 2015

Cape Meares

We returned late yesterday afternoon from a four night stay at the Rockaway Beach cabin on the Oregon coast.  Yes, of course I have photos!

I'm starting out with one of the places we visited on our last day, just because.

Whenever I can combine deep old forests with stunning views of the sea, I am in heaven. So it was on this sunny but brisk day at Cape Meares State Park. 

 There spruce trees out on the end of the cape are old and wizened, but not very large, because life out here in the wind is a struggle. 

 The salal hedges are wind cropped and dense. At the base of one I found this lovely native Pacific Coast Iris. 

 Walking back toward the parking lot along the bluff trail.

 Wild life sighting!  A banana slug. 
 Back from the bluff in a bit more sheltered location stands the mighty Octopus Tree. The cause of this oddly misshapen tree is unknown, but early in it's 250-300 years of life, it lost its central leader.  It is 46 feet in circumference at its base before flaring out into its arms. 

 We did sit here for a bit, enjoying the sun and the sea. 

 Then we drove over to the entrance to the park, for a walk on a little known trail,  to see a giant. 
 Behind the headland, out of the wind, the trees grow huge here, especially the spruce. Some of them have toppled since out last trip here. 
 That "wall" down the trail is the root structure of a huge, toppled spruce. It will now rot and provide the nutrients for more of the bio-mass that occurs in a temperate rain forest. 
 Like this small stump, loaded with vegetation. 

 The forest floor is carpeted in green.
 The trail is short and the reward is immense - literally. 
 At 750 to 800 years old, it is showing its age, with much of the top broken away.  I hope it makes it at least another hundred years. I gave it a hug as best I could. 

 There are huge burls on the back side of the trunk. 

 Trillium, false lily-of-the-valley, deer ferns, and Johnny Jump-ups lined the trail back to the car, and the end of this post. 


  1. That is a beautiful old tree. You really did need to stand in front of it to be able to appreciate its immense size. And of course the beach pictures are fabulous. And the pretty flowers, too. :-)

  2. The first photo of the Pacific took my breath away! Yes, I consider this heavenly, too.

  3. Thanks for sharing your shots of the beautiful PNW scenery. I had to laugh at your wildlife photo. I see from my just-arrived NPA Open Gardens book that you have opened your garden again this year. You and Tom are very brave! I'm looking forward to seeing it again.

  4. Amazing country..are you actually leaving it? ;-)

  5. The pictures are so pretty! You are as tiny as an ant next to that tree! I like the octopus tree too.

  6. I love that lighthouse! I was there earlier this year, on a foggy January day.

  7. You had a super day. Fo a little prairie boy like me, any tree is significant and the big spruce would seem like a world wonder.

  8. What a wonderful tree! I didn't see that obnoxious little box on this post. It is gone hopefully for good. :)

  9. Glad you had beautiful weather (even if chilly.) Fabulous photos!

  10. just gorgeous-I've been there would love to return...

  11. Thanks for the photos of one of my favorite places in the world. Loved the shot of you with the spruce. I too hope it lasts a long, long time.

  12. Well, I absolutely can see why your felt you were in heaven--cause that has to be about as near as it gets.

  13. Such beauty, thank you for sharing.

  14. Love these breathtaking shots! What a special tree and a wonderful place. Looking forward to seeing the Rockaway Beach posts!

  15. Those are really huge, interesting, amazing trees, Linda. Thanks for sharing them with us. Looks like you both had a fabulous time.


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