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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Rockaway Beach

Last week we spent four nights at our family cabin at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon coast. 
We arrived late in the afternoon on Monday, but in time for a beach walk, of course. 
You may have heard on the news about the invasion of jellyfish-like by-the-wind sailors that hit the California, Oregon, and Washington beaches.  

The skeletons were rather pretty shining in the sun, but the odor of rotting fish wasn't so great.  It was best to stay up wind of them. 

 We were back up on the beach that evening for the sunset.

There was rain the next morning, so we went shopping and then had lunch at the Tillamook Cheese Factory, grilled cheese sandwiches of course, followed by Tillamook ice cream.

 It cleared off in the afternoon and there were more beach walks, and another sunset, though not so colorful this time. 

Wednesday we went exploring at Oswald West State Park.  That will be another post. 
And of course there was more beach walking and another sunset. 

On Thursday we drove to Cape Meares, about which I have already posted. In the afternoon we walked into the town of Rockaway and had ice cream.  I had Hazelnut Salted Caramel.  Wow!  So good! 
 There were more beach walks and another sunset. 

On Friday we cleaned up the cabin, packed up, and left this. 
Another beautiful day.  But we were blessed with mostly good weather during our little get-away at Rockaway, and we felt very fortunate as were worked our way up the coast, making stops for a little antiquing and lunch in Astoria and coffee before arriving home late in the afternoon on Friday. 


  1. Not sure how you COULD leave -- rotting jellies not withstanding. What a gorgeous place. Does the ocean water get warm enough to enjoy a swim?

    And that grilled cheese(?) looks yummy!

  2. Kathy, only the most hardy of souls try to swim in the Pacific Ocean off the coast of Oregon and Washington. Brrr. Just jumping waves freezes your toes.

  3. I love that part of Oregon. My husband and I drove the route you must have taken about eight years ago. We must go back there some time. I love seeing all these photos again. The sunsets are so beautiful, but I especially liked the post of the cabin reflected in the water.

    There sure are a lot of interesting creatures in this world, aren't there? To see those masses of jelly like fish one would never believe how delicate and beautiful the skeleton looks when viewed one at a time. I can only imagine the smell.

  4. Such a beautiful place for a cabin. The beach looks wonderful, even with a few smelly fish.

  5. I would have stayed all summer:) Such a beautiful area:)

  6. Looks like a wonderful time (except for the rotting jellyfish). That grilled cheese looks delish.

  7. I like your beach walks. I like to walk deserted beaches when the weather is rough.

  8. It is a truly beautiful place. And your sunsets were all wonderful. Thank you for sharing your time at Rockaway with me. :-)

  9. Such wonderful sunset photos! Yes, I too love the Oregon coast. I was just there last weekend, and saw the blue jellyfish littering the beaches. Love to read blog posts about my beautiful state. :)

  10. what a lovely trip! Partial to the sunset photos...thanks for sharing!

  11. What a lovely trip, the beach walks must have been wonderful and the sunsets are a real delight, amazing.

  12. That sunset alone would have been worth the trip. Too bad there isn't a use for dead jelly fish--fertilizer maybe?
    So glad you just enjoyed and didn't spend a lot of time working.

  13. Too bad it was too cold to swim. I remember the ocean outside San Francisco, and how cold the water was though it was a sunny day.

  14. What an incredible get-a-way you have. The scenery is breathtaking! I love your header! Bellevue looks even more lush in that photo.


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