Wednesday, May 20, 2015

The Carlson Garden

 The Carlson Garden is located in the Magnolia Area of Seattle.  Our first impression was Wow!  What curb appeal! 

Here is a part of the description written by Jennifer Carlson of her garden:
A productive organic garden features low-maintenance plants, Northwest natives and edibles. The backyard is a demonstration site featuring rainwater harvesting with cisterns, a compost fence, permeable paving, a large kitchen garden, a flock of chickens, doves, and Angora rabbits. 

Jennifer operates her own landscape-design company - Haven Illustrated. 

 The front yard is a prime example of foliage color and texture achieved by using shrubs. 

 Around back, we get to meet the animal inhabitants. The dove cote is a pretty purple. 
 Permeable paving, and a fun plant stand. 
 The compost fence as a backdrop for plantings and a separation from the parking area. 

 The kitchen garden, the rabbit hutch and the chicken coop. 

 The sunny side shed wall. 
 Leaving the garden we walk along this colorful border outside the fence. 

 And pass a peek through into the front garden before we reluctantly leave to move on to the next garden. 


  1. Very impressive, a truly beautiful garden.

  2. climate makes such a difference...just luscious!

  3. That is a beautiful garden. The compost fence is an idea I have not come across before.

  4. Unbelievable! It's so lush and amazing. Even the animals are amazing! Very, very impressive!

  5. The Carlson Garden is absolutely beautiful. And, your photos are awesome. I'm so glad I popped over from Lin's blog to visit today. This peaceful serene garden brought a big smile to my face.

  6. Your gardens are always very lush and have a great variety. Our gardens here are very sparse with lots of room between plants.

  7. Linda, I don't know if you've ever seen Joyce's blog of Octoberfarm. She had this neat glass totem she made and I had to share it with you.
    This is the link:

  8. Oops! I guess it's not a link. You have to copy and paste it on your browzer.

  9. Wow! Amazing, and I love the doves, the rabbits, the chickens.

  10. Such great use of all the space. I love that border with all the plants towards the end of the pictures. So lovely! Thank you for sharing it with me. :-)

  11. I am a foliage person so this is my kind of landscaping. Love all the different colors and textures. The border and the fence were striking.

  12. A cool garden! Alison and I visited this one last year and liked the purple and gold theme of the outside walk garden very much!


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