Thursday, May 21, 2015

All In The family: Ferris Gardens

Dianne Ferris obviously taught her sons to love gardens.  The first garden I showed on this Sunday tour was that of her son Kent.  Today I will show you her garden and that of her son Lincoln.

Dianne's garden is notable for its huge old trees.  This is a landscape of age and veneration.  Of course, as with any true gardener, Dianne is always adding and subtracting and making changes.  No garden is static, and even magnificent old trees sometimes fail.  In this case, Dianne coped with the loss of a huge old cedar tree. 

 Dianne manages to garden on a steep hillside on part of her lot.  
 Working your way down the path is an adventure, and leads to some lovely close ups. 
Lincoln and Margaret Ferris have done a lot of work around their 1940's house to modernize and make it work for kids, who then grew up, and now to indulge their own whims. 

The first thing I noticed was this gladiola.  Blooming already?
 The front garden path leads into the deep shade of an acer palmatum. 

 In the back of the house a lovely deck overlooks the lower back yard. 

 A cool glass fountain. 

 The shrub border adds a lot of foliage color and texture around the sport court.  No longer a place for two young boys to play, it now holds two big pots instead. I suspect more will follow. 


  1. The glass fountain is really pretty on that colorful deck! Beautiful gardens:)

  2. I just can't get over the marvelous colors.

  3. Now I really like her fountain!

  4. Another gorgeous garden! I can't get over how lush and green our PNW gardens are. The colorful furniture and fountain on the deck are fab!

  5. Another beautiful garden, I just loved the decking area.

  6. Wonderful garden and such a beautiful fountain.

  7. Awesome! In the true sense of the word.

  8. Beautiful! I love that gladiola, but I'm surprised it's already blooming. My goodness! You find some of the most gorgeous gardens, and I'm glad you share them with me. :-)

  9. I love it! Just like your garden, the whole of it is gorgeous, but then you notice all the fabulous little details. Thank you for sharing this with us, Linda.

  10. What a beautiful place and you can tell the kids are grown. Also the way it is planted, there is little mowing needed.
    Me too on that fountain. So pretty.


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