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Monday, May 25, 2015

The Neal Garden

It was another spring weekend and another NPA Open Gardens tour.

On Sunday we visited six gardens in the Edmonds area, north of Seattle. We have been to the Neal garden before, but it is one of our favorites and we love having the opportunity to see it again.

 Kathleen describes herself as a "plant and garden art fanatic". It shows in her garden.

 The pretty potting bench

 About half of the back yard is taken up by the large pond and its lush surround.

 Kathleen loves color and handles it very artistically. 
 Much of the garden art she has created herself. 

 She didn't know the name of this hosta, but it is maybe the most beautiful one I have ever seen. 
 I had to ask what this lovely red-flowered shrub was - spice bush. 

 The shed is made of hand-hewn lumber, and the little patio in made of leaf-patterend pavers that the Neals created. 

 Lettuce growing in protective collars. 

Thank you, Kathleen and John for another chance to visit your beautiful garden. 


  1. This is a special, beautiful, and cool garden! That hosta - oh la, la!

  2. Now that is some garden, so much to look at a definite feast for the eyes, I love the potting bench and the works of art that drew your eyes. Beautiful.

  3. What a wonderful garden. It's a magical place indeed. And that potting bench just exudes love. :-)

  4. I can see why that would be a favorite--absolutely magical.

  5. So beautiful. I loved the blue pots the best. I can't imagine the care the garden requires.

  6. wow, how fun and colorful...thanks for sharing!

  7. What a lovely garden, so colorful! Thanks so much for sharing it.

  8. Another beautiful garden! I recognized the Spice Bush. Mama's favorite and she called it a "bubby" bush. Around here it's called "Sweet Betsy". That is the most unusual Hosta.

  9. i love the way they used the leaf dishes as the leaves on the glass flower. there sure is a lot going on in this garden!

  10. You could poke around in this garden for a whole day. Just concentrating on plant names alone would keep you busy all day. I like arboretums.

  11. Very pretty gardens, I love all the color in the pots! That is a beautiful Hosta :)

  12. Those are really gorgeous gardens. I love the pond. It's all so lush. They must have checked out your blog and made those glass flowers too. :- )


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