Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, March 26, 2017

Full-up Saturday

It was a busy weekend, after a busy week. 

This week we finally got enough dry hours to get mostly caught up with work in our yard - pruning and trimming and cleaning out beds. We have stuff piled up awaiting the emptying of the stuffed yard waste bins. 

Saturday morning we met up with the other members of the Joyful Gardeners, our "neighborhood" group affiliated with the Northwest Perennial Alliance. We are not exactly a neighborhood, spread out all over the area south of Seattle. One nice thing about the group is that there are a lot of couples involved.The group likes to go on field trips and then have lunch out. 

On this outing we attended a class at Bellevue Nursery called Right Plant, Right Place. 

It was a mostly sunny, dry day and we arrived at the nursery early to look around and enjoy the spring color. 

 The fragrance of the hyacinths here was heavenly. 

 The class was interesting and informative, although after all these years of gardening there isn't much new for Tom and me to learn. 

After the class we found a burger restaurant in Bellevue that could seat a group of ten and enjoyed lunch and visiting together. This is just part of our group, which is growing, with two new members this month.

After we got back home, we changed into work clothes and headed over to Jill's house to help move things back into her house. She has been undergoing a big remodeling process and had furniture from the home office/media room piled into her living room and bedrooms, and all of her downstairs family room, bedroom, bathroom and laundry piled into her garage. The stuff in the garage got thoroughly coated with saw dust from the carpentry crew, so everything had to be cleaned before it could be moved. We all worked as a team, and got all of the big stuff moved, the garage mostly emptied and cleaned up, and order restored. Then we took Jill and the kids out to dinner. 

Finally, about 7:00 we were able to get the grocery shopping done. 
Whew. We earned our down time for the rest of the evening.

Sunday will be another post. 

Oh, and while I don't really follow college basketball, I do listen to news, and there was reason to catch a little March Madness action. The Gonzaga Bulldogs of Spokane, Washington State, and the University of Oregon Ducks are in the Final Four!  They will play North Carolina and South Carolina next Saturday. I know a couple of my readers, at least, will be rooting  for different teams that I will be cheering on. 

Better to watch basketball madness than the March madness going on in the other Washington. 


  1. Lovely spring colours. You are right about the madness in Washington

  2. What lovely flowers! So fun to see color! :)

  3. The dry sunny days would be pleasant after so much rain.

  4. Such a good time of year for you and Tom. Better to be thinking about gardening than what's going on in Washington. I laughed to myself this week when I realized the Freedom Caucus and I were both pulling for the defeat of Trumpcare. They wanted total repeal and no replacement so they wanted it defeated. I wanted it defeated because it would leave 24 million people without insurance. What a crazy world that we could wind up on the same side but for such different reasons. Anyway, it's done. ACA survived and I'm happy.

  5. can almost smell those spring flowers...your schedule sounds more than busy-glad you have sunny weather to enjoy.

  6. You and Tom could be teaching classes at a garden center, I am sure. I am struggling with the right plant for the right spot here in Florida. Not being here through the year puts limits on my selections but the nursery I was visiting was more interested in selling me what I appeared attracted to and less interested in giving me informed advice about what would really be appropriate. I decided to go with potted plants I can give away at the end of the season and save landscaping until I spend more time here.

  7. I love the fact that spring flowers are beginning to bloom everywhere. Your pictures are lovely. I guess I should pay at least a little attention to the basketball playoffs, since even I have heard of Gonzaga! :-)

  8. I am so jealous! I want to see colorful flowers and smell them. Please send some of that spring my way!

  9. Good to see some blooming flowers, they are late here! You sure show us the fun and power of groups. Love how your family helps each other, ours does too.

  10. I think it is so cool when couples share a love of gardening. In my garden club, there is not one married couple attending and mostly women. Now I wonder what the hubbies are up to?
    Well you have a great chance of a neighborhood team taking it all. I guess I am rooting for S. Carolina for they bumped my Razorbacks out though we gave them a tough fight.

  11. You and Tom do such fun things. I really need to get out more. I want a little herb garden right outside the front door, so that will be my new project. I could use a class on herb gardening. Yes, I'm one of your readers who will be pulling for UNC Tar Heels. We watched them beat Kentucky last night. It was a little scary at times, but they did it!

  12. Bellevue Nursery looks well-stocked for spring! Glad you had a fun and busy day (whew!) Can't wait to hear about your Sunday adventure!

  13. You do live in the land of lovely gardening. I would join your group if I lived there!

  14. I love those colorful flowers. They sure do cheer me up.

  15. What a totally wonderful day! I can just imagine how gorgeous Jill's house is now.


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