Sunday, May 24, 2009

I Guess I Should Post Something?

It's one of those times when I think,"I guess I should post something on my blog, but I have nothing to say. I should take the time to read all of your postings and make comments, but I'm busy, or my foot is telling me I need to sit in my recliner, or I'd rather be outside." But I need to keep up contact with my cyber friends.
Just now Tom has plopped down beside me in his work clothes. He's ready for my help. Be back soon....
OK, I'm back. I had to hold a board so Tom could screw it into place. The last little job on the front porch that got put off.
We have had a long list of jobs to get done this week, and while we're making good progress, we keep adding to the list as we think of them. Yesterday Tom got the boards from the old porch cut up and stacked on the wood pile. That led to some projects today that he could use some of the wood for. I cleaned out the storage shed and turned it into a play house. Today I thoroughly cleaned and refreshed the bedding in the guest bedrooms. Jill and the grandchildren arrive Friday for a three week stay.
We are very excited that they will soon be here, but we really want to get everything done so we can declare a lazy day of rest before they arrive. Once they're here, it will be very busy!
About five weeks ago I started physical therapy for my back condition, spondylolisthesis, which is a slipped vertebra, which causes nerve compression. I have been faithfully doing my core strengthening exercises, and I was doing very well until this week. I guess I bent over too much while tending garden at Whidbey, or something. I'm not sure, and that's the problem. When my foot starts burning, I know the nerve compression is back, but I don't know why, so I'm not sure what not to do, and since gardening is what I do, along with cleaning house and holding boards and moving things and setting up playhouses, I just do what I need to do, but all the time wondering if I'll pay for it later. (Don't you just love that last sentence?! I once wrote a paper for a college English class that had, as required, a good conclusion, but the Prof. had written in the margin "Wow! All one sentence!" Obviously by the time I got to that point in the writing, I was ready to wrap it up in a hurry!)
So I guess I'd better wrap this up, too, or you'll look at it and say "Too much to read!" and move on. I think I'll go see if I can cross something off of the list.
Oh, add to the list - buy new play dough to stock the shelves.


  1. That last line and photo are fantastic! I love play dough.

  2. Your playhouse is wonderful. You are a good grandma.

    I'm concerned about your back. Sounds like you're pretty uncomfortable. If we sit in recliners the doctors say get up and move around. If we move around we see things that need doing and then the doctor says you need to be more careful. You can't win for losing.

    I like your attitude, the longer we keep putting one foot in front of the other the better off we are.

  3. You are a good Grandma, love love that playhouse!
    Sorry about your back problems, hey are the worst!
    Happy Memorial Day!

  4. I call it 'pay back is a bitch' and I play the game all the time. It seems that your foot is telling you that you need to make some changes in the way you do things. It's not how things get done, it's that you are still able to do them...
    Michelle From Rambling Woods

  5. add to your list. 1. take care of self so you can enjoy your beautiful garden and family...

  6. Linda, nothing like having houseguests to make you realalize that there are a hundred things on your honey do list and you need to hurry and help him do it before the guests arrive. We traveled to NJ last weekend and we had my college roommate that I hadn't seen in 42 years this weekend but I'm too pooped to even write about it. Besides it is Memorial Day, a day to remember all the vets of all the wars including the ones who fought on both sides of the Civil War so I'm just going to post a photo of Rolling Thunder in D.C. and go take a nap! LOL! Your yard looks so beautiful. P.S. I almost always post the photo first, then the writing just happens like snow falling on cedars. This is getting too, too long. Got to run. Enjoy Memorial Day and have a great week. Remember that anticipation is the best part of anything, so enjoy anticipating the arrival of the grandkids.

  7. it will be wonderful to have the kids around won't it? :)

    you know that I know exactly what you're going through so I send a gentle hug and my advice to go moment by moment and do what you can, when you can

  8. such good grandparents and your grand surely appreciate you.

    I just went through your Whidbey and gardening posts. Excellent. You and Tom do have green thumbs (maybe you should wash once in awhile LOL). Love your plantings.
    I just had 6 huge Boulevard Cypress taken out along the front of the house so now I am going to put in a perennial, shrub, let's see what comes up garden. MB

  9. What a great grandparent you are. I love the play house. I used to have a play house in an old shed at my parents place growing up. Wonderful memories of sweeping that dirt floor. I hope the back gets better for you.


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