Wednesday, July 21, 2010

A Walk On the Dike

As I have explained before, our cabin on Whidbey Island sits on a sand spit bordered by Useless Bay on one side and Deer Lagoon on the other. Our cabin is on the bank of the lagoon. This is a tidal lagoon which empties out with each tide cycle. In 1918 a dike was built separating the lagoon from the wetlands as a means of reclaiming about 80 acres for diary farming. So for many years the dike has been a favorite walkway to observe nature. The lagoon is on one side and channeled wetland on the other, backed by farm land, consisting of pastures and hay fields. Sunday morning Tom, Jan and I went for a birding walk, to see what we could see. They had binoculars and I had my camera. Jan was especially eager to seen whimbrels. She is very interested in log legged shore birds. I captured a photo for her. A few mallard hens, some with ducklings, frequented the wetland channels.
The wild blackberries were in bloom. This hawk, which we think is a red tail, watched from above. We hoped he didn't have duckling on the menu.
Each year I post at least one dike walk. With our cold spring this year, my summer walk still had a spring freshness to it.
A white crowned sparrow was among the many little song birds flitting about.
Thistle flowers against a lagoon backdrop.
Checking to see what they could see.
A few wild roses still in bloom.
A gold finch was perched on the hillside at the back of the lagoon.
My zoom lens was barely able to capture this kingfisher perched on pasture fencing near a drainage channel. I love king fishers. Earlier we watched one hover and then dive, crashing into the lagoon to catch a small fish.
The mallard families stayed far away from us so it was hard to capture them in photos.
Killdeer were working the lagoon mud.
A great blue heron fluffed his feathers.
Farmland on the hillside.
Not pictured are the eagles that were circling above us and the ever present gulls and terns.
It was a very successful birding outing and a lovely walk too.


  1. Nice nature photos Linda. I liked the variety of birds.
    P.S. I'm back blogging.- Dave

  2. what a fun cool nature walk-love your photos. this morning my hubby got up at 6 am to go shoot archery-it's already 80 degrees and going up to 108. We could use some of your coolness.

  3. I'm heading up to the High Country today, to a place I haven't been yet, Heliotrope Ridge. I will capture some pictures, but these on your birding adventure are just priceless. I love the water birds, too.

  4. How in the world do you manage to photograph these birds. They never seem to stay still for my camera! If I so much as point my camera at them, they fly away!

  5. Great bird pictures, Linda. Birdwatching is one of my pastimes also. Cool weather is always best for both spotting birds and getting pictures. You did a great job!

  6. Isn't it the neatest thing ever to walk among the birds and nature like you did on this walk?

    Your comment about company returning made me wonder if the Colorado kids are coming for another visit. If so, it's likely to still be cooler that usual.

  7. Thank you so much for taking us along on your walk. The dike walk is such a terrific place to see wildlife. You have such an abunant variety of bird life. Wow!

  8. I so enjoyed the walk. It is a beautiful area and what wildlife you spotted. I would so enjoy a walk here.


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