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Friday, August 7, 2015

Hug Point

I guess you have noticed that I've been away. Monday we traveled with Jill, Isaac and Irene, and their cousin Ali, who is visiting from Nebraska, to our cabin at Rockaway Beach on the Oregon Coast.  

It took us much of the day to get there, what with stops along the way.

On Tuesday morning we took advantage of the morning low time to drive back up the coast to Hug Point State Park.

 Heading for the point.
 The sandstone headland is full of water carved caves. 
 Hugging at Hug Point.

 Hug Point is so named because before there were roads, the beach served as the stage coach passage. Here, even at low tide, travel required hugging the point in order to get around it. A rutted carriage roadway is carved out of the end of the point. 

 The crust of barnacles shows that at high tide the roadway is well under water. 

Hugging for Facebook friends and family on the point. 
Around the point, looking north, you can see Canon Beach. 

 There were lots of shelled creatures and anemones in the tide pools, but the starfish have all succumbed to starfish wasting disease.  

 Ishy squishy anemones. 

 Ali gets brave enough to touch anemone tentacles. 

 Time for more cave creeping. 

 I want to go that way.
 Nope.  Not yet. 
 Cave people.  Scary. 

 Driftwood sea monster, and someone creeping up on me from above. 

 The sea monster makes a good bench. 

 Here we go down the beach. 
 This rock has muscles.  Do you?

 Tom contemplated the rock pile. 

 Tom conquers the rock pile. 
 I stay safely on the ground, behind the camera. 
From here we made our way back to the car and then back to the cabin where cabin and beach things happened for some and Jill, Isaac and I made a trip to Fred Meyer for a shopping cart full of provisions. We ate well. 


  1. Wow, what a beautiful place! I always love to see pictures of your beautiful family in lovely places like this. At first I thought you had named it "Hug Point" so I'm glad you explained the name. :-)

  2. That's a neat area of the Oregon coast. Wish we had stopped to explore it while out there last summer. Great photos.

  3. What a great exploration of the beach and caves, such a beautiful place. Wonderful memories in the making for you all.

  4. What a cool and interesting place. I love that the stagecoach used it as a road. My son would have enjoyed exploring those caves when he was young. Actually, I think he would enjoy it now too. Thanks for sharing your family fun with us!

  5. Love your colorful photos. Your header also looks pretty.

  6. Great photos! Unimaginable that you had miles and miles of beach all to yourselves.

  7. Beautiful place, but it was the hugs that made me smile

  8. Wow, what a neat place with so many unusual things to explore. Sure couldn't be bored there.


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