Greetings from Seattle

Sunday, August 16, 2015

Soccer Sunday in Seattle

The Sounders played a 2:00 soccer match this afternoon, and of course the Reeders were there at the stadium to cheer them on. 
Here's the selfie we posted on Facebook before we left for the light rail station.  Friday was Blue Friday for the Seahawks.  Today was Rave Green Sunday. 
 We got some sandwiches at the Subway shop and ate them on a bench under the pergola in Pioneer Square.  Then we joined the March to the Match. When we got to the stadium, we had some Starbucks while waiting for the match to start. 
 Jill and the kids were sitting over there. These are iPhone pics, so there isn't much zoom. 
 Our opponent, Orlando city, are the Lions, so we welcomed them appropriately. "Down Kitty"
 Half time from the third level concourse.  It was a perfect day, about 75 with a light breeze.
After the match, which the Sounders won, finally, 4-0, we all joined up to walk down to the waterfront. 
 The new seawall is still under construction, so pedestrian walkways are altered, but the stores and shops and restaurants are finally back open. 

 While waiting for a table at Red Robin, I enjoyed the city views. 
 After dinner we climbed The Harbor Steps back up past the Seattle Art Museum to catch the Link at the University Street Station.  
Another fun afternoon in the city. 


  1. I saw some of those pictures on Facebook yesterday and hoped that the Sounders would win, for you, and they did! Yay! :-)

  2. Think it is neat that the whole family goes to the games. So glad they won. My baseball team hasn't done much of that this year and know how heartwarming a win can be. Right now, my team is in a spirited race with the Phillies to see who can nail down last place in the league. Sigh. Enjoy those wins.

  3. You are certainly a soccer and sounders fan. You have lots of fun with this.

  4. You make the most of everything life has to offer!

  5. What a perfect day. You guys seem to always have a great time. Good for you all.

  6. Soccer already? We can hardly wait for Hockey...but that means snow and ice so I hope it is a long ways off...two months probably. Love that last shot of your Grands:)

  7. Another fun day in the city! Love the planters!

  8. That's a cute statue that your grandkids are sitting on.

  9. perfect weather, I was just there a week or so ago on my way back from Alaska!

  10. You guys did have so much fun. Yes, I have been to that museum, and it's a nice imaginative place to go.


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