Sunday, August 9, 2015

Nature Hike at Kilchis Point Reserve, Tillamook Bay.

Wednesday morning our activity was to explore a hike new to us that family members had recently discovered. While the trail is old, the improvements and the publicity are new, and we are always up for a new adventure.
 First we did some reading. 
" Declared a County Heritage Area by the Tillamook County Commissioners in 2010, Kilchis Point is an important prehistoric and historic site.  Kilchis Point is the site of one of the largest Native American village sites on the Northern Oregon Coast. Tillamook County’s first pioneer settler, Joe Champion arrived at Kilchis Point in 1851 and lived in a Spruce stump next to the Native American village while he built a cabin.  The Morning Star of Tillamook, was built at Kilchis Point making it the first ship built in Tillamook County and the first ship registered in the Oregon Territory.  Kilchis Point was also the site of Tillamook County’s first post office and the headquarters of the Whitney Lumber Company."

 Wildlife sighting - the dreaded Pacific Northwest Rain Forest Banana slug!
 Elder berries. 
 The trail meanders through native vegetation, with interpretive trail markers along the way. 
 Ah.  Wild red huckleberries.  Irene wanted to know if they were good to eat.  "Try one", I answered.  

She did try them, and declared them delicious.  From then on she was on the lookout for more. 
 I'm not sure what this creature was on the look out for, but I do know the the trip to the dollar store somewhere provided a lot of entertainment for three kids. 

 Old rustic benches indicate a trail long in use. 
 Native Spirea. 
 We have reached the bay.
 There is a very cool gazebo at the end of the trail. 

 The tide was out, the bay was empty, and we ventured out into the estuary of the Kilchis River and several creeks. 

 Native yarrow. 

 We found the footprint of pilings for something that was once here - the dock, the mill, the boat yard? 
We do know that the Morning Star was built here, and began carrying milk from dairies and other products to distant markets and brought back needed supplies. This replica of the ship sits now at the Tillamook Cheese Factory 
We did indeed go to the Cheese Factory and had ice cream for lunch!  I was too busy eating to take photos.

In the evening, the calm weather made it easy for us to decide that we should have a beach fire. 

 Precious cousin time. Although I suspect Allie was on her phone. 

Another day done. 


  1. Two great shots of the fire on the beach, both with and without people. The nature hike must have been fun, but how very scary to encounter a skeletonized Kermit the Frog!

  2. I enjoyed this so much! Your pictures are amazing. I've never heard of wild red huckleberries, and Irene is so pretty picking those berries. That Banana Slug is awful looking. I've also just looked at your visit to Hug Point, and those caves! What an amazing place that is too.

  3. Yes, the huckleberries are now ripe in the High Country, too. We had several as we hiked along on Thursday. I love your pictures, as usual, but the sunset pictures for some reason just make me so glad I get to live in such a beautiful place. :-)

  4. Looks like a delightful hike! And oh, such gorgeous pics!

  5. Oh, Linda, what a special time you have with your family! It is always such a treat to see what you are doing and seeing in your part of the world. I have had blue huckleberries in PA, but never even heard of red huckleberries. I just need to get out more!

  6. Awesome photos of evening skies. Kids will remember this one for a long time.

  7. Your grands are so lucky. You plan the most amazing adventures for them and pass on the love for nature. Loved that campfire on the beach. Been a long time since I have enjoyed one.

  8. Thanks for taking us along on your hike. Super pictures of a lovely place.

  9. What a wonderful place to spend a summer day. What fun. What beauty. What memories.

  10. So wonderful to get to enjoy this through your great pictures, almost as good as being there, almost...

  11. A great hike, the ocean and ice cream.... Perfect

  12. Your photos are so wonderful Linda. Thank you for taking us along on this marvelous hike. Now I'm wanting to try some of those wild huckleberries.


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