Monday, January 11, 2016

A Big Weekend

In the last post I talked about working in the yard Saturday morning.

Saturday evening we celebrated Isaac's 13th birthday. We met at a small Chinese restaurant for dinner. 

I tried using my new selfie stick, but we would have had to make everybody move, so Isaac just took the photo instead. 
Then we went back to their house for dessert and gifts. 
 The theme for this birthday ( you may recall there is always a theme!) was Oregon Ducks. If you ask him why he likes the Ducks so much, he will say that he got interested in them because of their former quarterback, Marcus Mariota, who was drafted into the NFL as the 2nd pick overall by the Tennessee Titans. And he likes their uniforms, and ducks, and "just because". Of course there are family connections to Oregon as well. 

 Compared to some of the elaborate themed birthday cakes Jill had made, she said she got off easy on this one. 
 Happy Birthday to you, Isaac. My grandson is now a teenager!

Sunday morning was another big occasion. 
I was geared up and ready for some football at 10:00, as the Seahawks played the Minnesota Vikings in the "Frigid Bowl", the wild card round of the NFL playoffs, in -7 degree weather. I understand it did warm up to zero by the time the game was over. 

It was a crazy game, with the Seahawks defense holding the Vikings to only field goals, and the Seahawks shut down until the 4th quarter, when they quickly scored a touchdown and a field goal to take the lead 10-9.  And then they couldn't do any more and the Vikings took the ball down the field to kick the winning field goal with 23 seconds to go, and they missed! We still can't believe it!
Seahawks win! And on we go to the next round, which will be warmer, in Charlotte, NC. 

Sunday afternoon we needed to go for a walk, for exercise, and to just walk off that game. We went to the Des Moines Creek Trail. 

 We walked four and a half miles and ended our walk on the pier.
 The Mountain was out over the Des Moines Marina. 
 Tom found a squid fisherman to talk to. 
 It was getting late in the afternoon, the Golden Hour. 
Back at home, I turned on the Golden Globes, but didn't watch very closely. I really don't know most of the movies and shows and actors they were honoring anymore. I will go see some of the movies. Most of the TV shows are cable channels we don't get. 

We ended the day with three TV shows we really like, Madame Secretary, The Good Wife, and of course, Downton Abbey. 

It was a good weekend! 


  1. I love both The Good Wife and Downton Abbey and am glad, so glad that the Seahawks are still in the running! I heard a funny take on yesterday, calling it "the Sea Shank Redemption." :-)

  2. My son was totally engrossed in that football game too!

    That's a fine looking grandson you have!!

  3. Happy Birthday to your new teenager!
    I finally heard the low down on the game from you and the score...I heard the Queens lost (That is what we call them here in Minnesota) through the grapevine (facebook) but I didn't hear the score or the particulars. Can you tell we are NOT football people.
    Looks like you had a chilly but sunny walk:)

  4. Sounds like a wonderful weekend. Birthday wishes for the new teenager!

  5. That was a weekend full to the brim. Grandchildren grow up so fast!

  6. I love downton abbey have so many lovely places to walk. How fun a teenager! My oldest twin grand daughters graduate from hs this year in May and are off to college. Everyone just keeps getting older. My oldest son turns 50 next month.

  7. Happy Birthday, Isaac!
    Aloha from Hawaii.
    I still think his hair is to die for. Why is he so lucky?

  8. Happy birthday Isaac. Our grand kids don't remain kids for very long. I'm going to have to bring my bike out there as you have some awesome trails. Our trails tend to break up and become rough because of the frost.

  9. Wow, a teenager. Happy 13th Isaac. Another fun-filled weekend with the Reeders! Sunday was a beautiful day for a walk and you always find the nicest locations!

  10. Boy does that new teenager look like his grandma. Love the cake and gifts. Ya done good Isaac.
    That was some game and the breath smoking players and fans were a sight to see. I felt so badly for them. Hope you hung in to the last play. Wow what a finish. Go Seahawks.

  11. Late, I know, but happy birthday Isaac! He is such a handsome thirteen year old! I love your family gatherings. I thought about you all during the game, wondering if you were actually there in that very cold weather. I don't suppose you will be coming to Charlotte for the game?? Looks like a beautiful place to walk.

    1. No I won't be in Charleston. Even though it won't be cold, I will be much more comfortable in my family room in front of my 60 inch TV. :-) I will be there in spirit, though, and of course I will be thinking of you and yours, part of the loyal opposition. Hoping for a clean, injury-free, competitive football game.

  12. He is getting so tall..... Happy Burthday!

  13. Yay for Isaac! Happy belated birthday! He likes Marcus? That's wonderful. Hawaii is very, very, very proud of Marcus. He sounds like such a sweet, caring fellow. My girlfriend's daughter here in Hawaii is such a Seahawks fan that she was in tears when they lost this past weekend.


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