Friday, January 1, 2016

What's Blooming January 1, 2016

I'm not sure when I last did a photo study of What's Blooming on January 1.  I used to do it every year, after I read about an Englishman who did this.  

We've had a lot of rain, followed by freezing temps, so there's not much abloom, but I found a few things.
This rose bud will never open, but it still holds on to its pretty pink.
OK, these are done blooming, but the rose hips still have a flower form.
I found several colors of scraggly, slug chewed primroses. 

The Pieres Japonica buds will take their time opening, but they add winter interest. 
These mop head hydrangeas have managed to hang on to some of their color. 
Is this Kaffir Lily ( Schizostylis coccinea) too early or too late? 
In a pot on the patio, this Heucherella didn't want to be shown up by the gaudy flowering kale. 

We just added this winter blooming Mahonia. Hopefully it will grow big and supply winter food for the Anna's Hummingbirds that are year round here. 

Winter jasmine always blooms for Christmas. Such a lovely little gem.

Some of the candy tuft, Iberis sempervirens, must have been fooled by warmer weather earlier. 
Now it's shivering in the cold. 

Viburnum davidii buds show pink through the Christmas light netting. 
Oh good, the Sarcococca buds are opening.  Soon I'll bring some sprigs inside to perfume the air. 

Make no mistake, it's winter here too. We have ice, even if there is no snow. 
Buds look like they are ready to pop, but they'll just tease up through March, most likely. 

In the mean time, we can enjoy the frost, and the blue sky!


  1. Great photos! Except for the poor Primroses that slugs munched on. I did not know that slugs are active even in winter if the temperature is above 5 degrees C which would be 41 F. ( I love that my son printed a chart for me with all the Celsius and Fahrenheit temps side by side. I have it on my bulletin board right here by my computer and refer to it so often).

  2. Amazing how many things you found in bloom! There's nothing like a flower blooming to make me feel like Spring is near. Great pictures!

  3. Much milder in your area. Our forsythia bloom in late February.

  4. It's cold here in Virginia this morning, but we've had such a mild winter so far that we have garden plants going to seed. We have blooms on our bok choy, turnips, Chinese cabbage and other Asian greens. I'd rather they not have gone to seed, but it's been good for the honeybees, who have been out foraging thinking it must be spring!

  5. I always enjoy seeing what's happening down south in Seattle, Linda. We don't have much up her blooming, except those things in hothouses. I love to visit the garden centers at this time of year to see pretty blooms. :-)

  6. An amazing variety of things in bloom...even in a garden bedded down for the winter

  7. We really haven't had winter, yet. Million bells, verbena, and geraniums still have color! Our forsythia and cherry trees are blooming and the lenten rose is absolutely verdent! I feel like the parent of a small child who won't go to sleep!!! :)

  8. Nice shots of the frost! My winter jasmine's buds are still tightly closed. Something to look forward to! The hummers love my Mahonia.

  9. These photos were so fascinating to a person from Colorado. I have nothing blooming here. We just don't see such wonders in my neck of the woods.

  10. You've got a lot more blooming than I have. By May I might have some blooms. I'm amazed how much you can show us.

  11. What's in bloom in Maine? Nuttin', except two orchids on my kitchen windowsill.

  12. at least you have something blooming! We are four months away from even a bud:(

  13. With the blooms still parading around, it seems as if winter is almost over!


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