Saturday, January 2, 2016

New Year's Day Walk

Tom and I try to walk at least three miles almost every day, or if we can't get out, ten miles on the stationary bike.  With a few misses over the holidays, we have still been doing fairly well.

Now it's the new year.  We both have weight to lose, and physical well being to maintain. My favorite way of celebrating the new year is to go for a destination walk.

Since the Green River Trail is not far from us, and is so long that it's easy to do different sections of it for variety, that's where we were on January 1.

We have done this section before, south along the river from River Bend golf course, a 4.25 mile loop. 

 The Old Fishing Hole was mostly frozen over. The ducks weren't happy, but the gulls just walked on water. 
 On one side of the river is a farm road. The llamas were happy to have good warm coats. 
 Pussy willow buds are swelling. 
 Another common merganser on the river. 

 The Mountain, Mt Rainier for those who don't know about "The Mountain", looms large over the valley. 
 With everything still frozen in the shade, mist rises over the river where the sun finally strikes it. 

 This was an afternoon walk, and the treetops in the distance were already going golden in the sinking sun light as we finished up our first walk of the new year. 
Now it's January 2nd already.  We just finished a three mile walk this morning.  It's still cold and clear. Now I can eat lunch!


  1. A beautiful walk! I have a flowering quince that is in full bloom now. I am afraid this warm weather has messed up lots of our early spring flowers. Happy New Year!

  2. What lovely pics of your walk. I especially like the frosty leaves in the second to last photo.
    I think I'll get another pedometer so I can see exactly how far I'm walking and then encourage myself to walk farther each day. Do you use your phone to keep track of your walking?

  3. Just beautiful photos, Linda. I especially love the backlit llamas. :-)

  4. Three miles every day. Good tenacity on your part. I try the same just three times a week and it is a struggle. Takes over an hour of my time when I count showering and changing clothes. But it is I will try to be good about it.

  5. It's always nice to go with you on these walks.

  6. Walking is such a good exercise. Walking in such a beautiful setting must truly increase the benefits.

  7. Three mile walks are pretty substantial. good for you. Don't we all need activity like that. I'm off to ski in about 20 min.

  8. Great photos. Sometimes its hard for me living somewhere that one knows what it means when "the mountain is out," ha, ha.

  9. You are such an inspiration, Linda! Partially because of your example, I took up walking this fall and was pretty good about doing a daily walk until Christmas break changed routines. Hopefully I'll be more faithful again after this weekend.


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