Sunday, May 29, 2016

Grave Search in the Tacoma Cemetery

Tom's mother's people are buried in the old Tacoma Cemetery. We have visited here before, and have located some grandparents and great grandparents, but had failed to locate Tom's Anderson grandparents, people who were very significant in the young lives of Tom and his sister and brother. 

We knew where they were supposed to be buried, and we had a map. We knew that Tom's mother, the only surviving child at the time of their deaths, did not care to deal with death and did not have a headstone placed. We thought we had ordered one placed about 20 years ago.

Since the cemetery office was open, we asked for help, and after looking again ourselves, we had the cemetery superintendent come out with us. We found the grave site, but, alas, there was no marker.
I felt sad to think that in all these years there had been no one to visit these graves and no way to acknowledge them.
 Maybe it doesn't matter anymore. I'm not sure. We will try to check with the monument company that now operates the company where we recall ordering a headstone and see if we can find any paper trail. At any rate, Grandma Mary and Grandpa Bill Anderson were remembered today. 

 With a bit of searching we found step-Great Grandpa Swanie's grave.
 We found Swanie's wife, Great Grandma Margaret Swanson.

 And lastly we rather easily found Great Grandfather Emil Anderson. We never did find Volberg Anderson Smith, Emil's divorced wife, who was buried with her second family. We know she's there, and we gave her close to a half hour of looking, but finally had to give up. Sorry, Granny. 

This was our only cemetery stop this year, but just one of the places we visited in what turned out to be a very full day on Sunday. 

There will be more to come. 


  1. Nowadays it takes a bit of travel to visit all the different cemeteries and sometimes we just have to remember their in our hearts and minds...

  2. It's very hard to find an unmarked grave that belongs to a loved one. I'm glad you finally found it. Your placement of a single rose on each grave was very touching. It turned out to be a beautiful day by the end, didn't it? :-)

  3. It is very good of you to visit the graves of deceased loved ones.

  4. That is a beautiful cemetery. This reminds me of finding my twin sister's tiny grave that never had a marker. Shelby and I are still planning to get a headstone for her grave.

  5. Glad you found those you could. Ours are spread out so its just my thoughts with them today.

  6. Now this is something I enjoy a lot, walking through old cemeteries. Since I'm not one of the heaven believers I believe we live on through the memories of our loved ones, even those that come generations later. I'd love to live near an old cemetery I could walk in and perhaps do a little care of it.

    In 2009 I organized my cousins to help in putting markers at two graves of family grandmothers who though dead close to 100 years had never had a marker. It really irritated me that everyone in the family had markers but the two mothers. Grrrrr I organized a remembrance event and flew back to Texas for it. Cousins from 10 states met in the family cemetery for this event. It's one of my best memories.

  7. It's good that you've been out there making discoveries and remembering.It's sad that some of the graves have been more or less abandoned. My kids will never know where their grandparents lie. I still haven't found the place of burial for my maternal grandparents.

  8. Old cemeteries are so full of stories if you take the time. Sorry about the headstone. I hope you can find a trail. Like others have said, the way families spread out these days, it would be really hard to visit them all.

  9. Memorial Day growing up was always marked by the rounds of cemeteries. As I think about it now, I think it was always my mother's parents and aunts and uncles, all of whom were first generation US Americans. I know the cemetery my my paternal grandparents are buried, but really have no clue about any progeny further back than that.

  10. I miss visits to the cemetery in my small home town. At one time, I knew all of the people buried there but now, as time has gone by, there are some newer families known to me by name only.

    1. P.S. Looking forward to seeing what else you did in Tacoma!

  11. I know how frustrating it cn be when you cannot find the grave. It looks like a beautiful old cemetery:)


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