Sunday, May 1, 2016

May Day Gardening

Today was transition day. Pots on the patio and on the front porch held up well with their fall/winter plantings. They still looked so good that it was hard to tear them apart and replant for spring/summer. But I did. 
The heucheras and euphorbia came out to be planted elsewhere. A a small nandina joined some new begonias in the faux bois stump pot. 

The heucheras are potted and will go down on the garden deck. 

Here's the new look: the orange flowered abutilon lives in the greenhouse over winter; purple heart and Wandering Jew are tender "houseplants". I added a purple heuchera from the front porch. I kept the sedge, the grass and the ivy and tucked in a golden lamium and a couple of impatiens. 
All of the succulents came out of the greenhouse and were refreshed last week. 
In the big pot I removed another euphorbia and a tiarella.
The tiarella went into the ground under the full moon maple in the front yard. 
The canna that overwintered in the greenhouse moved into the pot.
After debating with myself, I replanted the red heuchera, kept the sedges and the variegated vinca, and tucked in a golden potato vine and a couple of pansies.  
During the week I got the impatiens and plectranthus planted under the cedar tree. I tucked a few violas into pots and now this area is done.

On the front porch I removed heuchera and grass from the blue pots.
The heucheras found new homes in several places. This bed got cleaned out last fall when the old daphne odoras finally gave up. We planted new ones and I am just tucking things in here to fill the space. 
The blue pots now contain geraniums, part of Tom's collection of fancy leaf geraniums. 
The Lewisias are gorgeous right now.

Tom's tomato plants are out of the greenhouse to harden off. Most of them will be going to my brother-in-law, for his big family garden. 
The potted geraniums for the deck at the Whidbey cabin got moved in order to plant our tomatoes. 

This week we lifted the gallon cans of tulips and set them in a back corner of the yard to dry out. In their place we planted the alternating pink and red dahlias that were started in the greenhouse. 
Then we cleaned up the patio and I put out the oilcloth table cloths. 
Tomorrow ( Monday) it will be over 80 degrees, We will be doing some patio sitting in the afternoon. 

I just turned on the TV to watch our Sunday evening shows. Instead we see coverage of the May Day "protests" in downtown Seattle. Those with a purpose marched peacefully this afternoon. Now it is the Anarchists turn to act out and raise havoc. There has been pepper spray and objects thrown at police, windows broken, a few arrests, and a few injuries, but it looks like the police now have the black garbed hooligans under control. 

I prefer to celebrate my May Day with flowers. 


  1. your garden is varied and nice

  2. Never heard of Cana and Nandina as pot plants. Learn something new quite frequently from your blog. I think Violas are one of my most favorite little flowers. I love tucking them in here and there. Portland also has problems with anarchists. I suppose they're liberals cross to bear. In the South you have KKK. Sounds like a lot of work goes on year round keeping the greenhouse going. Always enjoy looking at your yard.

  3. What a lush and varied collection of potted plants. You certainly work hard to keep your gardens looking beautiful.

  4. Lovely job with your pots. I have some interesting things growing in mine as well.

  5. Utterly charming, such beautiful pots with so much to look at. A wonderful feast for the eyes.

  6. I agree flowers are more peaceful and constructive to our world than uncontrolled protests...

  7. You have made your garden into art. So beautiful.

  8. I admire your plants. So many to enjoy.

  9. You put together the most beautiful flower pots! I love your yard! Flowers are the best way to celebrate May Day. I just read and enjoyed your last post. You did good catching those clams. That is amazing!

  10. Your yard is altogether beautiful. I love your arrangements of potted plants. As it gets harder for me to work in my flower beds, I think more and more about beautiful pots of plants that I can pick up and put on my potting table when I need to play with dirt.

  11. You really have such a lovely yard. You are so smart to divide and move. I need to do that with an overgrown day lily bed. Each year I think next year. It won't get done that way.
    I heard about the demonstrations in Seattle and was so surprised. I figured you to all be such a peaceful group. So sad how a few manage to tarnish the day for all.

  12. Such wonderful plants, LInda. I also like the word "hooligans" and cannot agree more. Much prefer plants and flowers to tear gas and pepper spray. :-)

  13. You sure have a talent for making new arrangements from previous pots. It's not a knack that I have. Love all the pots in a row. Those blue pots are so stunning they hardly need plants.

  14. Your hard work really shows up well. Now do you have one person to water your plants all summer? I forgot. You get lots of rain so watering is not an issue.

  15. I see you are well into summer. I celebrate May Day with candy! :)

  16. I really love the mixture of color and texture in those pots. And they have already filled out so nicely! Am a bit jealous of the tomatoes -- I don't have enough sun.
    Pictures to follow soon.

  17. The return of the outdoor tablecloths and tender plants means it's almost summer in your garden! Hooray. I haven't started moving things out of the greenhouse yet. So many things to get planted in the ground still. Oh well, I'll eventually catch up. I'm always in awe of how much you do in your large garden and hope you enjoyed some good garden sitting!

  18. Looking at everything in your garden always makes me smile. It all looks so beautiful, Linda! I love the colors and your ornaments. And your wisteria header is absolutely stunning! Wow!!!


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