Wednesday, May 11, 2016

The Bellevue Botanical Garden: The Rest

While the border is always our favorite part of the BBG, there is lots more to enjoy.

Follow the path through the old flowering shrubs to the viewing pavilion. 

 Enjoy the quietness of the ponds and pools. 

The path leads you into the rhododendron glen. 

 Then you see the gate into the Yao Garden, a Northwest style Japanese garden. 
 The center of the garden is a low drainage basin where plants like skunk cabbage and Japanese primrose enjoy getting their feet wet. 

 Back out on the main path, we go to the Native Discovery Garden
 with a natural bog. 

 Native plants flourish here with minimal interference from gardeners. 
 But the owl keeps watch. 
We really enjoyed our Mother's Day morning here in the garden. It was just right!


  1. Gardens in the Pacific Northwest take my breath away with their beauty. I so love the moss growing on everything. Always fascinates me.

  2. Such a beautiful place! My eyes are full of all these wonders. Thanks for the tour, and I get a thrill every time I see your pretty wisteria header! :-)

  3. Just stunning virtual walk with you this morning.

  4. Love your garden tours, true eye candy.

  5. Such lusciousness! You're making me eager to take a trip up the Maine coast to the Coastal Maine Botanical Gardens.

  6. What a delightful walk you took us on and I am not the least bit tired. Just beautiful.

  7. It's just amazing. Green beauty...thank you.

  8. I hope you had a map to guide you on this tour. I also hope the plants were labelled. Very nice tour.

  9. I can recognize a lot of this. It looks so lush and beautiful!

  10. Absolutely stunning photos. Wish I could visit there myself, thanks to your photos. :)

  11. A beautiful and serene walk through this spectacular space. We're so lucky to live in this area!


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