Greetings from Seattle

Thursday, September 29, 2016


When I showed this basket of apples on an earlier post, someone commented that they hoped to see applesauce. Your wish is my command!

This was the crop from one of our little espaliered apple trees. 

We processed them in two batches over two different days.

First the apples were washed, quartered and cored. 
 When the apples were cooked down, I put them through a food mill to remove the apple skins and smooth out the lumps. 

 Then all the sauce went back into the pot and sugar and cinnamon were added. 

Lastly, the cooled applesauce was put in freezer containers. Both batches together made about six quarts. 
One quart has already been delivered to the grand kids, and the rest are chillin' in the freezer. Eventually the kids will get most or all of it. 

Yesterday Tom picked the apples on the last of the little trees, about half as many as before. Most of them will go to sauce too, but they will have to wait. 

We are flying away on Friday, headed for Boston, a family wedding over the weekend, and some touring on our own through the next week. We will be staying close to the eastern shore, in northern Massachusetts and southern Maine. 

I'll take my laptop, but I don't know how much I'll be posting. Eventually there will be photos.

A revoir! 


  1. Wow, six quarts! It looks great.

  2. All those apples off one little tree and I can't get even one apple to grow on our little apple tree. We simply have too much shade to grow fruit and Poppy has been trying to tell me this for years. The applesauce looks delicious!

  3. Have a great trip. The applesauce looks good. While I seldom eat much applesauce these days, I do like to make applesauce cake and applesauce cookies.

  4. Enjoy your trip, Linda. enjoy the wedding and I know you will take a plethora of pictures.
    Checked out your Oregon coast visit blog and found all images wonderful. I haven't been to the oregon coast for quite a while--several years. I love it there all the wa down to Gold Beach. Spent a lot of time on the coast. More time there than the Washington coast and don't tell anone but I like the Oregon coast the best. LOL

  5. You're very generous, giving all your applesauce away. I am very fond of applesauce with a big dollop of whipped topping.
    Have a great trip to Boston.

  6. There must have been one very good aroma in your kitchen from the applesauce. have a great trip.

  7. Have a great trip! We'll be thinking of yu o Vashon. :-)

  8. I love applesauce.... have a safe trip!.... Michelle

  9. The applesauce looks wonderful. Have a great trip away.

  10. Hope you have a great trip! Your applesauce look delicious. Your kitchen must have smelled great! My kids made some at school and we had a grand time of it. Lately I've been dehydrating extra apples and enjoying the chips.

  11. Good job. I have never made applesauce but your's looks wonderful. Enjoy your trip.

  12. what a fun time to vacation in new englad with the fall colors!

  13. I was just moaning that I can no longer buy cranberry applesauce so maybe I will follow your lead and make my own. Just need to add cranberries to your recipe. Thanks for the nudge.

  14. We were a bit overwhelmed with apples this year, so I made apple butter (not sweet enough) and applesauce (just the way you did yours, but you don't have to core the apples if you put them through the food mill at the end) but mostly, I dried apples. I have a small dehydrator that I kept running for about three weeks. The grandkids eat the dried apples better than fresh ones!

  15. I so love New England in the fall.


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