Monday, September 26, 2016

The Oregon Coast, Part 1

Our drive from our home in SeaTac (south Seattle area) to our family cabin in Rockaway Beach, Oregon takes 41/2 to 5 hours, depending on traffic and stops along the way. It was mid afternoon by the time we reached our favorite view point, the overlook from Neakanie Mountain. 
 From here we can see all the way down the beach to Rockaway, and look at that sky! Yay! Fair weather!

We stopped at Wheeler, on the Nehalem Bay,  to check out our favorite antique mall.

From there is was a short trip to the cabin. After settling in and a short beach walk, I put together a salad and Tom picked up some take out clam chowder from a local sea food shop for our dinner.  

Then, since it was almost the autumnal equinox, and the weather was obliging, I walked down the beach to position myself for my favorite sunset photos, as the summer sun sinks away between the Twin Rocks. 


But it wasn't the last day of summer. We still had one more! And we spent it driving down the coast highway visiting some of our favorite spots. 

At Cloverdale, along Hwy 101 in an interior valley dotted with dairy cows, we checked out this flea market/antique barn. Fun, but no treasures here for us this time. 
 When you are not in a hurry, you stop at all of the view points. 

 Boiler Bay wasn't boiling much, but we sure appreciated the lack of wind.

 We passed right through the urban tourist sprawl of Lincoln City to get to our southern terminus at Depoe Bay. 
 Not only is it beautiful here, but the gray whales were in residence!

 We watched for at least an hour, as the whales spouted and rose to the surface enough that we could see their backs and once, a tail! Of course it was hard to catch them in photos, but in the picture below I believe I did capture one. Look for a buoy, a boat and a whale back. 
 A narrow channel connects the back bay from the sea, with this arched bridge for Hwy 101 spanning the channel. 

 It takes a good pilot to line up just right, then gun it and shoot through the opening. 

 I packed a light picnic lunch and we sat here at a picnic table to eat and continue whale watching. 
 We did walk through part of the touristy town, but preferred to get back to sight seeing. 

More tomorrow. 


  1. Oh Linda, this all seems too wonderful for words, and to think I' so close. I might as well be a million miles away for all the good it does me. Even when Bob was healthy he didn't like to go anywhere. If you forced him to go there would be no stops along the way. He's a destination to destination man.

  2. Wow! Just gorgeous photos, Linda! Oregon sounds a wonderful place!

  3. These pictures are simply beautiful. The first one takes my breath away...and that sunset is unbelievable! I'm sure I will never see the Oregon Coast so thank you for the pictures. Irene, in your last post, is really growing up. She is a beauty, just like her mom.

  4. Beautiful photos. I could sit all day and watch the waves roll in.

  5. Oh my gosh! Such beautiful photos! I'm so glad you're seeing such wonderful sights.

  6. What beautiful scenery. I've never been out there, but I would like to go.

  7. A beautiful place. I want to walk along that beach one of these days. Very peaceful pictures. :-)

  8. That view from the overlook was stunning and just "Wow" on the sunset. What a great 5 hour ride you have to enjoy.

  9. I cannot BELIEVE the beauty you showed us in this post!!! Those photos are breathtakingly beautiful!!!
    How simply WONDERFUL this trip of yours is!! Thank you for sharing it!! That's the only way I have been able to 'see' it!!

  10. Those views and a Flea Market - doesn't get any better.

  11. What a luxury to take your time and stop at all of the viewpoints! Sorry there was no treasure for you at the red barn. Something to look forward to next trip. The sunset through the twin rocks is awesome!


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