Tuesday, September 27, 2016

The Oregon Coast, Part 2

After leaving Depoe Bay, we worked our way back north, taking the scenic roads along the Three Capes route.

I have very fond memories of family trips to Pacific City when I was a child and later when our kids were young. 

 This is Cape Kiawanda at Pacific City
 and this beach has been the place where dorymen have launched their boats for over 100 years. 
 It was a lot of work to climb this sand dune when we were kids, but, Oh, what fun to fly back down, feet barely touching the ground!
 There is a Dorymen Memorial on the left, and across the highway is where we found a market that served Tillamook ice cream. I couldn't make up my mind on which flavor to choose, so I had two scoops!  Indulgent, but so delicious!
 We drove over Cape Lookout and down the other side we stopped at this viewpoint, overlooking the mouth of Netarts Bay. 
 At my feet was this marker - another place to fly away.
 Down on the shore, we stopped at Oceanside, a town perched on the hillsides overlooking a lovely beach. 
 That's Cape Lookout in the distance. 

 We took our time working our way back to Rockaway Beach, had a simple supper of BLTA sandwiches using our tomatoes from home, and then, since it really was the autumnal equinox, and the weather was again obliging, I took a new set of sunset photos, this time over Salt Aire Creek, which runs right along side our cabin. 

 And truly, this time, it was so long to summer as the sun sinks slowly into the sea. 
 But the next morning wasn't too bad for the first day of fall. This photo was taken from the porch of the cabin. 
 This was poke around day, and take it easy time. We paid a visit to the north jetty of Tillamook Bay, where fishermen were trying their luck at catching the fall run of Chinook salmon. 

 We took a trip into Tillamook to do a little shopping, and on the way back we spotted these egrets in Tillamook Bay. They are not common here, so we stopped to check them out. 

 The Great Blue Heron seemed comfortable with his new long necked mates. 
 Friday morning it was raining. We went out to breakfast and laid  around until it was time to pack up. We had had a very good stay at our cabin by the sea. 


  1. I suspect it's impossible to get lousy photos of Oregon's coast, but these are exceptionally stunning.

  2. Sounds unbelievably wonderful.

  3. Oregon's coast sounds (and looks) wonderful! If I had a bucket list, it would be on it. Thanks for sharing.

  4. Tillamook ice cream is sooo good. As is their cheese. We've toured the Cheese Factory a couple of times in the past. You took some awesome photos of the sunset. And the Egrets.

  5. You make good use of your time by seeing and doing as much as you can. awesome photos.

  6. What an amazing post!! Such beauty! I loved every single photo and each one was so beautiful! I would have loved to take this journey and thanks to you - I DID!!!

  7. Oh my gosh! What gorgeous views! I love your photos. Cape Lookout is so breathtaking. I would love to see that.

  8. Beautiful, beautiful photos. The views are spectacular and the sunset a real delight.

  9. Such a beautiful place. I love the idea of you running down that sand dune as a kid. :-)

  10. This is as close to Oregon that I will ever get. Lol. Thanks for the photos.

  11. Thank you so much for sharing these moments of magic with us.

  12. Such drama and solitude when there are so many people!

  13. You have such a marvelous beach with all the rocks and mammoth outcroppings. Such a change from what I knew in Florida.
    Loved the sunset and the sun with a halo.

  14. Absolutely gorgeous. Mike and I did a road trip of the southern half of the Oregon coast. By sheer luck we got a room overlooking the beach and sat out watching a spectacular sunset.

  15. The pictures in Part 2 are breathtaking too. The last picture is my favorite. It should be enlarged and framed. Honestly, I think it is absolutely beautiful!

  16. Seeing egrets is a sign of good luck! All of these images are breathtaking. One of these days we'll have to visit the Oregon coast.


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