Greetings from Seattle

Wednesday, November 2, 2016

Another working trip to Whidbey Island

The weather didn't look too promising when we made our way north out of Seattle Monday morning. It was a bumpy ride on the ferry to Whidbey Island. But when we arrived the rain had let up and the weather had calmed down. 

We had lunch and then got started on the gardening project. We cleaned out the beds, raked and weeded, and got ready to plant tulip bulbs the next day. By Tuesday noon we had the bulbs planted and ten bags of compost spread. 
It got very windy Monday afternoon, and the surf was up over on the bay. 

The gull gallery next door kept track of our comings and goings. 
 We had time for a walk on the dike along the lagoon. 
By Tuesday afternoon we were ready for our next project. Tad, our IT Guy and friend to Jake and us, had donated a big TV and two weeks ago he and Jake and Jake's cousin Andy got the cable hook up installed, but didn't have a stand. Our job was to figure out a stand for the TV. We decided to re-purpose a shelf we already had at the cabin, but then we had to make the whole thing secure. 
 Fastening the shelf to the wall was easy to figure out, but securing the TV was more tricky. We worked with Pip at Ace Hardware in Freeland, but couldn't come up with a means of attaching anything to the TV. After lots of designing and engineering that didn't work, I decided we should go with heavy duty Velcro. 

 The sticky Velcro was attached to the wall and secured with screws to the studs. 

 Then the Velcro was stuck to the back of the TV, a foot long piece, with a T strip across the top of the strap for extra reinforcement. 

 We don't think that shelf or TV are going anywhere unless the tsunami hits. 
That was a time consuming project that left us with just a little time Wednesday afternoon. Tom took a nap and I went for a short walk. 

And now we are back home in Seattle. The Cubs have just won an epic World Series. 

All is good, unless, of course you are a Cleveland fan. 


  1. Good grief you were creative with the Velcro idea. That company should hire you. Loved the gulls on the roof line. I enjoy looking at all the driftwood on the beach. Have to admit I questioned the wisdom of this trip. No doubt it feels good having the work there done.

  2. All the driftwood on the beach was wonderful to see, it certainly had me thinking what I could do with it. I often stroll along our beach but never get lucky with much that I want to reuse. Great job with the TV.

  3. The was a baseball game for the ages. What a game! And that's a great looking setup for your large screen TV. :-)

  4. Glad you found a way to secure the TV. David was happy that the Cubs won.

  5. you are always busy...looks like fun work in a great location!

  6. YOU PLAN WELL AND GET A LOT DONE. It certainly looks dull and gray there.

  7. Nice job with the TV stand. What an amazing pile of drift wood. A real treasure trove.

  8. I was happy the Cubs won, Cleveland can win next year! Looks like our cloudy weather, today was our first day of sunshine in a week or more. Dreary November weather is so depressing :(

  9. Very creative way to fasten the TV and shelf!
    I like the gull gallery and the other photos too.

  10. Amazing solution. Don't most chores take longer than you plan on? They certainly do in my experience, but I am not that great of a problem solver.

  11. Clever solution! Looking forward to seeing the tulip show at your cabin!


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