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Saturday, October 29, 2016

Pumpkin Carving

Tom and I don't plan to be home for Halloween. The kids will be doing their own thing, and trick-or-treaters don't make it to our door since we are back off the street. But we still have to carve jack-o-lanterns!

The one time that the five of us could get together was Friday evening. Since the Sounders had won by a shut out the night before, as ticket holders we could get free take and bake pizzas at Papa Murphey's.  We did, three of them, something for everyone's taste preference.  We ate and then we carved. 

Issac's big pumpkin innards were slimy. 

Irene used her cut outs to make appendages. 

Jill was creating a ghostly white ghost. 
Tom was inserting "teeth".
Isaac and Tom had a different approach to which way is up. 
I carved a variation on my standard happy face Jack-o-lantern, and then took photos. I forgot my camera ( I know!) so these are all iPhone pics. We made do. 
From left to right: Isaac's Green Monster, Jill's Ghost, Isaac's Prominent Proboscis Pumpkin, Irene's Cat Catching a Mouse, Linda's Smiling Jack, Tom's Creative Creature. 


Today, Saturday, we were on the sidelines in the rain and then in the sun for the kids' soccer games. Now I'm watching college football as I finish this post. 

Tomorrow, Sunday, there will be Seahawks football on TV in the morning, hopefully a walk, and then Sounders soccer live at the stadium in the evening. They made it through the knock-out round and are into the playoffs. 

Sometime in there we'll pack up a few things, including our gardening tools and clothes, and we'll be off to Whidbey Island Monday morning. It's time for the fall clean up and tulip planting in the island garden. Staying busy is good, but right now I'm resting. 


  1. You are indeed busy. I look forward to your pumpkin carving every year. A job well done once again!

  2. what fun creative pumpkins. Glad we don't carve them any more. Just display them whole outside...

  3. It's been a couple of years since we carved pumpkins. Tom and Isaac were original. I've never seen anyone carve the face on the stem side. I love it.

  4. Such a fun thing to do, all with a different approach but all effective.

  5. I like Isaac's non traditional pumpkin...shows great individual personality! They all look great lined up! :)

  6. Wonderful family evening. Best memories ever.

  7. You all have some serious pumpkin-carving talents going on there! 👍

  8. I hope you get your walk in. I'm heading out to the coffee shop and my yoga class. :-)

  9. What a fun, family adventure. Some real pumpkin carving talent there. All so original and I really liked Irene's cat and mouse. Quite professional.

  10. I look forward to your pumpkin carving night. The years sure go be fast! It would be hard to pick a favorite, but the cat that caught the mouse sure is cute. You have such a nice family.

  11. That's a great line-up of Jack-o-lanterns!!

  12. The Jack-o-lanterns are fun but even more so is seeing you all together doing this as a family. What a fun evening! The tiara on your smiling Jack is a fun touch!

  13. I love that you do things as a family!


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