Friday, January 20, 2017

Changing Plans

I watched some of the inaugural proceedings this morning with the volume turned down as I breakfasted with friends this morning.  Only one of us seven around the table had voted for Trump, and we are working on forgiving her. We know she was misled. 

When Tom and I arrived back home, we watched just the Trump speech portion of the programming that was being recorded. We wanted our own take on things before we heard the commentary. 

It was a harsh speech, and very nationalistic. Nationalism is not a particularly healthy philosophy or world view. Trump was Trump. It must have been hard for the Clintons and the Bushes and the Carters to sit through. 

Then we went for a good, brisk walk. 

Tom and I have been talking. We feel the need to participate in something meaningful. We have researched the light rail links that might get us close to the WOMXN'S March in Seattle tomorrow. Then this afternoon we discovered that the march route had been published finally, and we saw that we could join the march in progress right by the light rail station we use to go to the stadium.  

We will need to go early to get parking at the Link station near us, but after we get downtown we will hang out at a coffee house until the the March comes to us. We will fall in behind the other thousands of women, and a few good men, to proceed through the city and onto the Seattle Center grounds. My husband, a very good man, will be at my side. 

At least that's the plan for now. We'll keep you posted. 


  1. Good for you. Rodger is downtown Portland and sending me pictures of the March there tonight. Today was almost as bad for me as the night of the election. Awful.

  2. Apparently he had things set up so they would be tossed out as he was sworn warming.

    1. Yes, the former president is moved out and the new one moved in during the ceremonies. That is the normal tradition.

  3. You gave me an unintended laugh when you wrote, "I breakfasted with friends..." because I read it as "I breastfed with friends." Anyway, good for you that you're going to the woman's march.

    I was so shocked by Trump's speech! No olive branch offered to the Democrats or Hillary, calling for isolationism and trade wars. And the lying about how bad of shape our country is in. I wish I could march with you.

  4. I will be marching in a few hours here in Bellingham. Don't forget that no matter where you are at 10:00am, women all around the country will be holding a minute of silence in solidarity. It's called 1@!, but since we are three hours ahead of the East Coast, it will be at 10:00am. I like the idea of bonding with all the other people at that moment. I was so very sad to see the Obamas go. :-(

  5. Proud of you both for joining the march. Sadly the one here is just too far for me to travel. My thoughts and prayers go with all the special ladies and gents who participate.

  6. Not sure what all the marching is marching here in the boonies. I enjoyed the proceedings yesterday, history at it's best in the Democracy that we live in. The parade was wonderful and so very Patriotic! :)

  7. My sister was in DC and hubby was downtown... we have to fight back..

  8. Oh my gosh! You went? That is just so awesome! My son, daughter-in-law and grandson went to the D.C. and marched. So exciting!

  9. Congrats. As expected it was phenomenal in the DC area. So large that even the POTUS press secretary felt he had to lie about he difference in numbers on the Mall from Friday to Saturday. He could have been smart and claimed all the President's voters were at work, but he was too stupid and embarrassed.

  10. I managed to not turn on a tv, radio or computer(even my phone) for the whole of Friday and I don't believe I missed a thing. I cleaned my house, including washing some windows and shampooing the living room carpet, went for a nice walk, read, and knit up a pink hat for the March. (Which was a fabulous experience here in Sarasota, as I am sure it was all across the globe).

  11. Times are suddenly different. I cannot understand why the system failed and so many figured a man like T would bring change for workers. Wish this womens' groups carry on annually till some change happens.


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